She knows how to treat her business partners. ??? Lucky me I'm her Directprotege ! by @hanis "Special Gift for my Direct Hanishaiziprotege this month!! prada handbag up for grab sempena my birthday! pm me noww 0127031851" via @InstaReposts
I'm proud to be GLAMpreneur, we unite as a team! I am Hanishaiziprotege Unity Love Glampreneur -love from linazahrah
Glamexpansion Glampreneurs Greenleadersacademymalaysia Hanishaiziprotege pradaforfree utaraakudatang penang kedah langkawi goldcoast linazahrah linazahrahdotcom sayatakmakanorang ✈️✈️✈️
Touched down - checked in hotel - Dhuha - secawan mineral coffee - get ready for first appointment! Marathon Penang Glampreneurs Hanishaiziprotege glamexpansion glamutara linazahrah
Selamat sampai in Incheon Airport! Glamjourneys Glaminkorea Hanishaiziprotege Incheon
The bestest travelmates for the whole 6 days in GoldCoast . The most happening i could say. ^___^ Missed all those laughter from you guys. Sob sob sob.. hahaha.. Glamjourneys Hanishaiziprotege Exploreaustralia movieworld goldcoast
Baru lepas personal touch, heart to heart session dgn @hanis. Relationship bukan setakat mentor mentee tapi lebih dari tu yang boleh duduk sembang gila2. Tak kenal maka tak cinta k. Ihikkkk.. sudah2 k orang yang suka mengutuk tu. Huhu.. we olls parking dekat Ladies Parking tadi. ^_^ Thanks hanis for the great time! Coffee Dome Hanishaiziprotege Linazahrahdotcom
Alhamdulillah another great session with the doctors. Good nite peeps! Glamprenuers Hanishaiziprotege Glam Holidayvilla alorsetar glamutara glamexpansion linazahrahprotege linazahrah
Thanks CDM @hanis for the valuable motivation & inspiration words! I salute your high spirit to give the best to us walaupun still on 25 days confinement. Memang tak ternilai ilmu-ilmu yang diberikan. Hanya Allah swt dapat membalas jasa-jasa mu. ??? Have a safe journey to Paris! ✈️✈️✈️ Greenleadersacademymalaysia Hanishaiziprotege Marriothotel Putrajaya glampreneurs futureleaders seminar
Lunch in the cruise! 5 star treatment from the company from day 1 lagi. Glamjourneys Glaminseoul Hanishaiziprotege Seoul korea GLAM glamprenuers linazahrah linazahrahdotcom
Be there always. Reminder to myself "kejayaan takkan datang bergolek & bukan duduk goyang kaki". Diri kita nak kena sentiasa "be half glass empty". If u put 100% commitment to me, I give u 200% commitment to u. ♥♥♥ pissss! Learn Relearn Glam Hanishaiziprotege pradaforfree linazahrahdotcom
She's the one whose give support, advice & critics. :) I'm nobody without the guidance. I've learnt through mistakes, experiences & guidance from them. Every steps will be guided. Alhamdulillah. Just be patient for whatever we do. And don't stop there. Believe. Glamprenuer Hanishaiziprotege Glam Glamexpansion linazahrah
Done lunch meeting with wanie & Hanishaizi . Mari solat Asar sebelum gerak ke next agenda! Klcc Meeting Hanishaiziprotege glamprenuer homepreneur
Done Power Up Session for Hanishaiziprotege . Thank you to all speakers for the knowledges & tips. Semoga kalian sentiasa dimurahkan rezeki. Thanks a lot to @hanis walaupun dah nak masuk 37 weeks masih kuat semangat nak turun and bantu all your protege. Kagum! ??Semoga @hanis dipermudahkan bersalin nnt ??? dan baby yang lahir sihat dan comel. Salam Maulidur Rasul. Hanishaiziprotege Glampreneur PowerUpSession igmalaysia malaysia linazahrah
Alhamdulillah everything went very well. Celebrating @hanis birthday at her crib with Hanishaiziproteges . We are like brothers & sisters. We love our mentor so much, this is something special for you hanis. Hehe.. Good Night! Hanishaizisweet19 Hanishaizi Hanishaiziprotege celebration birthday surprise linazahrahdotcom
Thanks @hanis & @razalizain for last night GLAM crash course! I salute & respect them coz they will never say never to their business partner. Sanggup buat crash course for direct proteges eventhough di saat2 tgh sarat pregnant. ;) the best is only in GLAM they help each other to expand the business! Hanishaiziprotege Greenleadersacademy Glampreneurs Coaching ttdi goldcoast linazahrahdotcom
Giving the best of the best!! Different backgrounds, age & places but we unite as glampreneur. But who cares dont like us! We just us! Weeeeee.. 2 flights gonna rawk seoul! Hanishaiziprotege Pradaforfree Teamwork Love friendship ukhwah
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