What a trooper!! 😘 hope the kid who bullied n caused the serious injuries towards Jeremy gets punished! BULLYING IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.😒😠😡😤😑😒😠😡😤😑😒😠😡😤😑 Antibullying Antibullyingweek
As said by Kurt Cobain himself.. Quote Quotesoftheday  Quotes & Poems Quotes By Celebrities  Quotes To Inspire Antibullying Antibully Antibullyingweek Antibullyinitiative Antibullyinginitiative Stop Bullying Stop Violence  Stop Abuse  Be Yourself Be You That's Me Dont Judge My Path If You Havent Walked My Jounery Dont Judge Me  Dont Judge People Weareallhuman Weareallmonkeys We Are All Connected We Are Eyeem, We Are Photography Self Portrait
Accept ur self the way u are,people can be so diverse and fit into different chairs, it doesnt mean they are better or the opposite, it just means each one of us have his own destiny to follow and story to tell Showing Imperfection HUMANITY Perfection Is Everywhere Everyone Is Beautiful Everyone Is Unique Live To Learn Live Love Life Liveauthentic No Hate No Hate Just Love No Bullying People Of EyeEm Be Happy Be Happy With Who YOU Are Be Happy Be Kind Antibullying Stop Bullying Bully Proof Be Proud Of Who You Are. Be Proud Be Proud &'d Grateful ♥ IAmMoreThan People Photography EyeEmBestPics
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My bully statement: everyone please if you can watch my friend's video its about her bully statement. This is a very important topic that affects me. Antibullying Stopthebullies Enditnow
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Pain Photo Crying Society Killed The Teenagers Society Kills Hut Artistic Dontgiveup Antibullying this photo is for all of you who knows how it feels to be bullied or hurt everyday. And also to those who don't know. Shades Of Grey
I hate hearing bout abuse and I especially hate to hear when u simply choose to stay in a relationship that's not healthy. I would never put up a guy that who abuses me, talk down to me cuz I know I dnt deserve that and I have a daughter that alwats comes first and she's not gonna be around that. Shecomesfirst Againstabuse Antibullying Knowyourworth dntsettleforanythinglessthanyoudeserve
Everyone I want you to know something , you've may already have heard it , you may even be involved but I'm going to be honest a couple of poster of no bullying isn't going to stop them , campaigns and conferences are going to make them realize that its wrong to judge people for who they are , a million dollars couldn't even let them see that the person they're bullying is dying on the inside and that they're the cause of it all If we can't stop it with that at least tell the kid who tries to piece his hopes and dreams back together that he's better than that , that it gets better, that there's hope for a new day Thinkbeforeyouspeak Antibullying
This is not always the case, though. I have worked with children with autism and they do things on impulse and sometimes out of frustration. Sometimes it is difficult to restrain them effectively because many times when this is happening, they may be experiencing a meltdown, or it can be a reaction to over-stimulation. There are different types of autism and different things can set them off. Yes, this child bit other children, BUT any child playing with another child can bite them, hit them, and so forth. These children don’t always know right from wrong. That doesn’t mean they should be put in a bubble, not be allowed to go outside, and not be allowed to play with others. Having a child with Autism isn’t an excuse BUT there should definitely be a little more understanding. It’s a whole different ball game raising a child with autism. It’s difficult, and it’s difficult to explain to the outside world why they have these behavior issues, but grown ups in this day and age should not be suing parents over something that is more heartbreaking to the child’s family than anyone can ever imagine. Not everyone is blessed with a child that has better contained behavior issues. This can happen even when a child is being supervised. Consider how children with Autism may be doing something because he/she cannot speak or tell you what they’re feeling or needing. It isn’t their fault for showing frustration, stress, or acting out. IMO this neighborhood should have neighborhood meetings and come up with a plan on how to deal with these situations. Going to court because of a child with Autism is pretty harsh. What does that say to your children? These children with special needs have a hard enough time as it is, such as bullying from school and neighborhood kids!! Which I would bet the neighborhood kids aren’t PERFECT ANGELS when it comes to bullying this child and other children. Antibullying
Dont give up. Antibullying Suicidesilence
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