Laughing at my Backstabbing Friends who are Frauds and hypocrites because im done BS annoyed shutup donttalktome problems cute singleandreadytomingle single singlelife screwyou imcute kik kikme
Concept - A group of white sheep turns their back on a fellow sheep, lying on its back. Shot on a solid blue background. This concept photograph shows how a group or a society can treat an individual, found in trouble or pain. Sometimes your friends can turn on you when you become broke or sick. Also, can be seen as a group that refuses to help a hurt or dying friend. The sheep are made of polymer clay and shot on a solid blue background. Backstabbing Betrayal Black Brake Trust Desert DISRESPECT Distance Distance. Excluded Friendsheep Ignore Injustice Insult Loyalty Politics Selfish Sheep Shunning Strangers Suffer Trouble Unfriend Weak White White Color
Me have an Idea 😈 ✂ Evil DO IT Stop It Human Body Part Human Hand Back Backstabbing Backstabbed Just Kidding Hairstyle Haircut Hair Hairs Closeup Tentation Sister Braid Braided Hair Braided Braids Braiding Girly Things Girlystuff For The Camera