Taman rekreasi Tengku Anis

this tree looks like the Christmas tree...
please pay attention to the brung merak,not me
cactus with flower
comparing herself with the tree,which one is the tallest?
i wish i have this at my own house in the future
not sure what kind of tree...
Meskipun banyak kumbang di taman tapi hanya kau yg mencuri hatiku
dont know there is refflesia here...
chooo...chooo...get away,the train is otw!
burung merak
so many type of cactus...
not sure why she holding the tiang?
is it burung merpati?
actually didn't know how to pose
just us
memikirkn masa depan
dlm hati da tman...
so many bunga kertas than the orkid here