A few things about me. I'm terminally ill and can not feel my legs or feet. The nerves are completely damaged. Doctors can not explain how I'm able to stand let alone take steps. I put my faith in God. My pain is taken away by my photography. Nature_collection Faith God Hope Black And White Nevergivingup EyeEm Nature Lover Connected With Nature Beautiful Nature Snow
There is not never... Just long periods of not yet EyeEm Love Onmymind Missing You Sending You Love Light Breathe Eye4photography  831 Nevergivingup Twin Flames
Processing is gonna take time.... As her heart is heavy. She has this! She believes! She trusts! She KNOWS! She has faith! She is still! Abandoned Places Withyoualways Blackandwhite Hope Faith All_shots Twinflame Love Nevergivingup Onmymind
Inside the Advanced cancer and neurological part of the hospital. Taking Photos Hospital Terminallyill seeing my Medical Team St. Louis, MO Nevergivingup Noregrets Tadaa Community Life's Too Short From My Point Of View
11:11... Timing Is Everything Eye Em Nature Lover EyeEm Twin Flames Love Tu Me Manque Dream Work Is Team Work Awakening Nevergivingup Strength Training 831!!! 831 You Are Adored Water Reflections Lake
That Cabin the woods. I'll be waiting for you there. Tag! Your it! No shortcuts! Taking Photos Onmymind Love Stronger Than Ever Eye4photography  HDR Withyoualways Madlydeeplytruly Nevergivingup 831!!! 831
Visions of the idyllic. Rural Scenes Every Picture Tells A Story Strength Training Alwaysonmymind Eye4photography  831 Tu Me Manque Nevergivingup Neverdoubt Always EyeEm Nature Lover Missing You Ibelieveinyou You Are Adored Stay Strong All_shots Small Town USA Hdr_Collection Twin Flames
Loving him is a splendid adventure... Long Days Lead To Long Nights 831!!! 831 Eye4photography  Blackandwhite Missing You Withyoualways Twin Flames EyeEm Gallery Nevergivingup You Are Adored
Many times I am pulled in the direction to take photographs. And many times I can't even see what I'm taking the photo of but it always seems to have a purpose. Praying My Journey  Beautiful Nature EyeEm Nature Lover Living Life One Day At A Time  Sunset #sun #clouds #skylovers #sky #nature #beautifulinnature #naturalbeauty #photography #landscape Hope Nevergivingup Family I Love You !
I was given this plant 20 years ago when my aunt passed away. It's been through a lot and refuses to give up. As this battle for my life continues on a day by day and moment by moment basis there's so much that's missed by sight, sound, touch and feeling that had I not been on this path I would have not been awakened too these things I now consider a blessing and a gift. I'm truly grateful. No matter what I'm going through it could always be worse. Now that thought gets me through the day. EyeEm Natue Lover Life My Journey  Nevergivingup Taking Photos Family Faith Love Peace Terminallyill
I got this picture of Jesus in 1970 at church. Faith Angel Terminallyill Praying Pray Hope Nevergivingup I believe strongly in the power of prayers. Best Medicine . Hold On And Don't Let Go.
Nature Wood Trees Sunset Street Ride The Bike Fixed Gear Fixie Aventon Onealracing Nevergivingup Metal IPhone
One of a kind... Eye4photography  TreePorn Nevergivingup Onmymind 831!!! 831 Missing You EyeEm Gallery Neverdoubt Water_collection Neverfaraway
My Grandson Tickling Me Photography Love MeltsMyHeart Family Nevergivingup No Regrets Kindness Peace
Sometimes the most important thing we can do it hold onto what we believe, even if it seems that we are the only one doing it. You Got This Macro Steadyasshegoes Insects  Alwaysonmymind DreamScapes Ibelieveinyou Dream Work Is Team Work Eye4photography  You're Not Alone Withyoualways Holding Onto You Hope Love Every Picture Tells A Story Twin Flames You're My Spirit Animal Neverfaraway Strength Training See You When I Sleep Neverdoubt Soulmate Keep Your Head Up No Matter What ❤ Nevergivingup 831!!! 831
Holding hands Domestic Cat Human Hand One Animal Indoors  Mammal Human Body Part Feline Home 57days Worrier Fighter Sobriety  Nevergivingup
Nevergivingup Hope Sea Rockontherock
The Human Condition Sad Leftout Butstillholdingon Nevergivingup Ignorehaters SmileToHideThePain Hidethepain Zanzibar
{I'm not sure about this one} *sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it became a memory* (follow me on Instagram tiffbangtidy) Never Give Up Likeforlike #likemyphoto #qlikemyphotos #like4like #likemypic #likeback #ilikeback #10likes #50likes #100likes #20likes #likere Be Crazy, Be Happy!!  Follow #f4f #followme #TagsForLikes #TFLers #followforfollow #follow4follow #teamfollowback #followher #followbackteam #followh Comment4comment Ifollowback FuckHaters Bored Be Yourself Happy :) Nevergiveup Nevergivingup
It may seem like you are alone in your waste places, but I am right there, always!! Neverdoubt Withyoualways Madlydeeplytruly EyeEm Nature Lover Eye4photography  Alwaysonmymind Nevergivingup Neverfaraway Missing You 831!!! 831
EyeEm Nature Lover Hugging A Tree Treescape Beautiful Nature Nature_collection Sunshine Nature Enjoying Life Peace Nevergivingup
Through the underlying sense of urgency it is often difficult for him to remember that it's really not. Difficult, yes. Painful, yes. Urgent, no. There is all the time in the world, and it was always going to be a couple of years. Maybe the reality of the duration never registered. Maybe he forgets that time and space are only an illusion. Buying into the illusion is what creates the feeling of urgency....must. Be. Still... Textures And Surfaces Cemetery Headstone Alwaysonmymind Withyoualways Nevergivingup Love 831!!! 831 Neverdoubt Missing You
A very familiar road. Adolescents are supposed to drive you crazy, right? Otherwise they would never leave home when they are grown. Patienceisavirtue Challenges Accepted Nevergivingup 831!!! 831 Love Always Forever All_shots Soulmate Alwaysonmymind
Locked up for safekeeping! ✨ Locks Nevergivingup Neverfaraway Urbanphotography Neverdoubt Alwaysonmymind Madlydeeplytruly 831!!! 831 Withyoualways I Adore You
Things we leave behind ..such beautiful reminders Landscape On My Way Back To Aw Love Neverfaraway Stronger Than Ever Eye4photography  Nevergivingup Twin Flames Missing You Keep Your Eyes Open
Come to me in pieces and exist inside me whole!! Locks Of Love Locks Eye4photography  Love 831!!! 831 Onmymind Missing You EyeEm Gallery Nevergivingup Madlydeeplytruly
Safe, secure, and same as ever. Withyoualways Neverdoubt Missing You Alwaysonmymind 831!!! 831 Madlydeeplytruly Locks Neverfaraway Nevergivingup Forever
Red... Tug Tug Love She Feels Colors Missing You Onmymind Twin Flames All_shots 831 Nevergivingup EyeEm Gallery
You are worth more than you will ever know... beautiful EyeEm Barn Barnstalker Blackandwhite Photography Onmymind 831!!! 831 Love Missing You Nevergivingup TreePorn
Sleepless nights have enveloped my thoughts of memories rushing in like a tsunami... Wanting to hear your voice so badly ... Thanks you tube you are a friend of mine!! Eye4photography  EyeEm Gallery 831!!! 831 Missing You Neverfaraway Twin Flames Flowers Love Onmymind Nevergivingup
And at magical times of the year strange life forms emerge from the ground. Every Picture Tells A Story Eye4photography  EyeEm Nature Lover Tu Me Manques Nevergivingup Neverfaraway Kintsukuroi All_shots 831 Twin Flames
February 2015 Thats Me  Taking Photos Hospital Nevergivingup Hope Faith EyeEm Natue Lover Love Do You See What I See ?
Comfort find me tonight .... Giving it to God!!! The Rush Of Us Onmymind 831!!! 831 EyeEm Gallery Autumn Colors Nevergivingup Neverdoubt Changing Seasons Love Missing You
Trust... Every Picture Tells A Story Eye4photography  Nevergivingup Trusted All_shots Vinatge Twin Flames Missing You Onmymind Love
Rainy day well kept. Locks Raindrops Soulmate Nevergivingup All_shots Alwaysonmymind Madlydeeplytruly Neverdoubt Missing You Ibelieveinyou
Do you not understand? I will not settle for anything less than a soul-deep, electrifying connection... Strength Training Love Locks Locks My Collection My Locks Trust Nevergivingup 831!!! 831 Love Timing Is Everything Transitional Moments Be Open To Recieve Hope Dream Work You Are Adored HDR Sadness Twin Flames Dream Work Is Team Work Leaking Eyes
Perhaps his therapy is finally working... Every Picture Tells A Story Rural Scenes Keep Your Head Up No Matter What ❤ You Got This Nevergivingup Neverdoubt 831!!! 831 Bonded Tu Me Manque You're My Spirit Animal Twin Flames Ibelieveinyou Strength Training Trust Alwaysonmymind You're Not Alone Open To Receive! Dream Work Is Team Work Withyoualways Stay Strong In For The Long Haul Soulmate Eye4photography  Neverfaraway Love
Found that shortcut he's been raving about... EyeEm Gallery Neverfaraway Bridges For The Love Of Water EyeEm Nevergivingup Ibelieveinyou Love Eye4photography  Missing You
Our hide away! Eye4photography  Blackandwhite Onmymind Missing You 831!!! 831 All_shots Neverfaraway EyeEm Gallery Nevergivingup Taking Photos
I hope they are chock full of the best stuff in the whole world. Butterfly wings, puppy breath, pretty rocks, toddler kisses, daisies, spontaneous smiles and giggles, padlocks and old pieces of string, that's what makes life a joy to live. Storing anything else would reduce life to survival. Every Picture Tells A Story Alwaysonmymind Rural Scenes Tu Me Manques 831 Sunset_collection Sunrise_sunsets_aroundworld You Are Adored Neverfaraway Nevergivingup
There's light at the end of the tunnel. Nevergiveup Nevergivingup Noregrets Taking Photos Photography Memories Family
Little bit tired after yoga. 56days Fighter Worrier Sobriety  Stillfocus Nevergivingup That's Me Portrait Looking At Camera Close-up Front View Indoors  Eyeglasses  Smiling Starting Over Home
Steady as she goes..... EyeEm Gallery Train Tracks Eye4photography  EyeEm Love Middleofnowhere Nevergivingup Sky Fall Beauty Missing You
Some days you're the dog, and some days you're the hydrant. Blackandwhite Eye4photography  All_shots Streetphotography Love Forever Always 831!!! 831 Neverfaraway Nevergivingup
Sometimes the angry drāgon in the sky needs to vent - there are times when the lonely wrath cannot be contained any longer. But the dragon also has a heart. Rural Scenes Clouds And Sky Every Picture Tells A Story Withyoualways You're Not Alone Dream Work Is Team Work DreamScapes Alwaysonmymind Stay Strong Awakening Be Kind To Yourself Neverfaraway Strength Training See You When I Sleep Nevergivingup Ibelieveinyou Soulmate Tu Me Manque You Got This Landscape 831!!! 831 Neverdoubt Twin Flames Holding Onto You Missing You
Around the bend... Missing You EyeEm Gallery EyeEm Perspective Train Love Train Tracks Nevergivingup Madlydeeplytruly Endless Love
Repeat... Eyephotography Clouds And Sky Rainy Days Time Travel Tu Me Manque Transitional Moments Determined Strength Training Feel It Own It You Are Loved ❤ Onmymind Missing You Withyoualways Nevergivingup Dream Work
Center for Advanced Medicine/Cancer center that I travel to in St. Louis, MO , United States Urban Geometry Hospital Terminallyill St. Louis, MO Photography Time Nevergivingup Nevergiveup Noregrets Love
It's special and sacred, not secret. That's why it's locked. 🔒 Locks Doors Nevergivingup Alwaysonmymind Minimalism Locks To See 831!!! 831 Madlydeeplytruly
The Human Condition Nevergivingup