A few things about me. I'm terminally ill and can not feel my legs or feet. The nerves are completely damaged. Doctors can not explain how I'm able to stand let alone take steps. I put my faith in God. My pain is taken away by my photography. Nature_collection Faith God Hope Black And White Nevergivingup EyeEm Nature Lover Connected With Nature Beautiful Nature Snow
There is not never... Just long periods of not yet EyeEm Love Onmymind Missing You Sending You Love Light Breathe Eye4photography  831 Nevergivingup Twin Flames
Processing is gonna take time.... As her heart is heavy. She has this! She believes! She trusts! She KNOWS! She has faith! She is still! Abandoned Places Withyoualways Blackandwhite Hope Faith All_shots Twinflame Love Nevergivingup Onmymind
Inside the Advanced cancer and neurological part of the hospital. Taking Photos Hospital Terminallyill seeing my Medical Team St. Louis, MO Nevergivingup Noregrets Tadaa Community Life's Too Short From My Point Of View
11:11... Timing Is Everything Eye Em Nature Lover EyeEm Twin Flames Love Tu Me Manque Dream Work Is Team Work Awakening Nevergivingup Strength Training 831!!! 831 You Are Adored Water Reflections Lake
That Cabin the woods. I'll be waiting for you there. Tag! Your it! No shortcuts! Taking Photos Onmymind Love Stronger Than Ever Eye4photography  HDR Withyoualways Madlydeeplytruly Nevergivingup 831!!! 831
Loving him is a splendid adventure... Long Days Lead To Long Nights 831!!! 831 Eye4photography  Blackandwhite Missing You Withyoualways Twin Flames EyeEm Gallery Nevergivingup You Are Adored
Many times I am pulled in the direction to take photographs. And many times I can't even see what I'm taking the photo of but it always seems to have a purpose. Praying My Journey  Beautiful Nature EyeEm Nature Lover Living Life One Day At A Time  Sunset #sun #clouds #skylovers #sky #nature #beautifulinnature #naturalbeauty #photography #landscape Hope Nevergivingup Family I Love You !
I was given this plant 20 years ago when my aunt passed away. It's been through a lot and refuses to give up. As this battle for my life continues on a day by day and moment by moment basis there's so much that's missed by sight, sound, touch and feeling that had I not been on this path I would have not been awakened too these things I now consider a blessing and a gift. I'm truly grateful. No matter what I'm going through it could always be worse. Now that thought gets me through the day. EyeEm Natue Lover Life My Journey  Nevergivingup Taking Photos Family Faith Love Peace Terminallyill
I got this picture of Jesus in 1970 at church. Faith Angel Terminallyill Praying Pray Hope Nevergivingup I believe strongly in the power of prayers. Best Medicine . Hold On And Don't Let Go.
Nature Wood Trees Sunset Street Ride The Bike Fixed Gear Fixie Aventon Onealracing Nevergivingup Metal IPhone
One of a kind... Eye4photography  TreePorn Nevergivingup Onmymind 831!!! 831 Missing You EyeEm Gallery Neverdoubt Water_collection Neverfaraway
My Grandson Tickling Me Photography Love MeltsMyHeart Family Nevergivingup No Regrets Kindness Peace
Holding hands Domestic Cat Human Hand One Animal Indoors  Mammal Human Body Part Feline Home 57days Worrier Fighter Sobriety  Nevergivingup
Nevergivingup Hope Sea Rockontherock
The Human Condition Sad Leftout Butstillholdingon Nevergivingup Ignorehaters SmileToHideThePain Hidethepain Zanzibar
{I'm not sure about this one} *sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it became a memory* (follow me on Instagram tiffbangtidy) Never Give Up Likeforlike #likemyphoto #qlikemyphotos #like4like #likemypic #likeback #ilikeback #10likes #50likes #100likes #20likes #likere Be Crazy, Be Happy!!  Follow #f4f #followme #TagsForLikes #TFLers #followforfollow #follow4follow #teamfollowback #followher #followbackteam #followh Comment4comment Ifollowback FuckHaters Bored Be Yourself Happy :) Nevergiveup Nevergivingup
EyeEm Nature Lover Hugging A Tree Treescape Beautiful Nature Nature_collection Sunshine Nature Enjoying Life Peace Nevergivingup
Things we leave behind ..such beautiful reminders Landscape On My Way Back To Aw Love Neverfaraway Stronger Than Ever Eye4photography  Nevergivingup Twin Flames Missing You Keep Your Eyes Open
Come to me in pieces and exist inside me whole!! Locks Of Love Locks Eye4photography  Love 831!!! 831 Onmymind Missing You EyeEm Gallery Nevergivingup Madlydeeplytruly
Red... Tug Tug Love She Feels Colors Missing You Onmymind Twin Flames All_shots 831 Nevergivingup EyeEm Gallery
You are worth more than you will ever know... beautiful EyeEm Barn Barnstalker Blackandwhite Photography Onmymind 831!!! 831 Love Missing You Nevergivingup TreePorn
Sleepless nights have enveloped my thoughts of memories rushing in like a tsunami... Wanting to hear your voice so badly ... Thanks you tube you are a friend of mine!! Eye4photography  EyeEm Gallery 831!!! 831 Missing You Neverfaraway Twin Flames Flowers Love Onmymind Nevergivingup
February 2015 Thats Me  Taking Photos Hospital Nevergivingup Hope Faith EyeEm Natue Lover Love Do You See What I See ?
Comfort find me tonight .... Giving it to God!!! The Rush Of Us Onmymind 831!!! 831 EyeEm Gallery Autumn Colors Nevergivingup Neverdoubt Changing Seasons Love Missing You
Trust... Every Picture Tells A Story Eye4photography  Nevergivingup Trusted All_shots Vinatge Twin Flames Missing You Onmymind Love
Do you not understand? I will not settle for anything less than a soul-deep, electrifying connection... Strength Training Love Locks Locks My Collection My Locks Trust Nevergivingup 831!!! 831 Love Timing Is Everything Transitional Moments Be Open To Recieve Hope Dream Work You Are Adored HDR Sadness Twin Flames Dream Work Is Team Work Leaking Eyes
Found that shortcut he's been raving about... EyeEm Gallery Neverfaraway Bridges For The Love Of Water EyeEm Nevergivingup Ibelieveinyou Love Eye4photography  Missing You
Our hide away! Eye4photography  Blackandwhite Onmymind Missing You 831!!! 831 All_shots Neverfaraway EyeEm Gallery Nevergivingup Taking Photos
There's light at the end of the tunnel. Nevergiveup Nevergivingup Noregrets Taking Photos Photography Memories Family
Little bit tired after yoga. 56days Fighter Worrier Sobriety  Stillfocus Nevergivingup That's Me Portrait Looking At Camera Close-up Front View Indoors  Eyeglasses  Smiling Starting Over Home
Steady as she goes..... EyeEm Gallery Train Tracks Eye4photography  EyeEm Love Middleofnowhere Nevergivingup Sky Fall Beauty Missing You
Around the bend... Missing You EyeEm Gallery EyeEm Perspective Train Love Train Tracks Nevergivingup Madlydeeplytruly Endless Love
Repeat... Eyephotography Clouds And Sky Rainy Days Time Travel Tu Me Manque Transitional Moments Determined Strength Training Feel It Own It You Are Loved ❤ Onmymind Missing You Withyoualways Nevergivingup Dream Work
Center for Advanced Medicine/Cancer center that I travel to in St. Louis, MO , United States Urban Geometry Hospital Terminallyill St. Louis, MO Photography Time Nevergivingup Nevergiveup Noregrets Love
The Human Condition Nevergivingup
One of my most favorite days I've had so far... Love Blackandwhite I'd Rather Be Out Paddling 831!!! 831 Stronger Than Ever Onmymind Missing You Flowers Withyoualways Nevergivingup
Wrapped up around your heart... Tighter than ever! I'm right there Neverfaraway Madlydeeplytruly Soulmates 831!!! 831 Love Sunset My Heart Nevergivingup Skyporn Withyoualways
Taco ? Cat Playing with the animals cat♡ I Love My Cat Photography Taking Photos Love Furbaby My Grandsons Family Nevergivingup Enjoying Life
It's crazy how that suffering can strengthen you and in just so many words you can inspire someone to keep moving on... Today All_shots EyeEm Gallery Missing You Onmymind EyeEm Love Twin Flames Nevergivingup Every Picture Tells A Story Stories To Share Later
I may be broken but I'm not useless. I've seen better days yet they could have been worse. I am alive....Don't give up on me. Ⓒ Kimberly LaChat. Sea Shells Seashells Life And Death Time Time Waits For No One. Terminallyill Memories Reflections Nevergiveup Nevergivingup
Trees EyeEm Natue Lover Beautiful Nature Tadaa Community My Photography Connected With Nature Nevergivingup Taking Photos Enjoying Life
change of seasons .... Some more extreme than others Missing You Barns Neverfaraway Nevergivingup Are You Ok Love 831!!! 831 Barnporn Changing Seasons Withyoualways
I want to thank everyone for your kind words and interest in my photography. I intend on replying to each of your comments and catching up with your wonderful galleries. I've been at the hospital and trying to get some strength back. Thank you for your support and kindness. ~ Kimberly EyeEm Nature Lover Tadda Community Nature Tree_collection  The Purist (no Edit, No Filter) Beautiful Life And Death Terminallyill Nevergivingup
It takes courage to stay delicate in a world that is so cruel... Strength Training Taking Photos Photography Tu Me Manque You Are Adored Withyoualways Onmymind Determined Anywhere But Here Nevergivingup
Whether we like to admit it or not, we belong to the people we'd bleed ourselves dry for.. EyeEm Love Sunset Silhouettes Darkness Onmymind 831!!! 831 Strength Training Nevergivingup Eyephotography You Are Adored Keep Pressing Forward Tu Me Manque Trust Withyoualways Sunset_collection Photography All_shots Cloudporn EyeEm Gallery Determined
Black Background Studio Shot Healthy Lifestyle Plant Healthy Eating Leaf Indoors  No People Close-up Love Brokenheart Life Passionforphotography Passione Hurt Soul Nevergivingup
There's an ache in your absence... Eye4photography  Abandoned Places EyeEm TreePorn Love EyeEm Gallery 831!!! 831 Neverfaraway Nevergivingup Missing You
St. Louis, MO Photography EyeEm Nature Lover Nature Beautiful Nature Nature_collection Beautiful Taking Photos Nevergivingup Enjoying Life I try to always go down to the water and think about all I've got to take in before the 5 hour drive home from the hospital. ???❤️
Tough day... Transitional Moments Strength Training Hope Onmymind No Stopping Me Dream Work Is Team Work Be Open To Recieve Determination Awakening Stay Strong Love Tu Me Manque Twin Flames Locks Mylocks Collection HDR Nevergivingup Change People Drain Me I Need To Get Away
DreamChaser Nevergivingup Coffee Boost Your Life Sunlight ☀ Warmth On A Wnter Day Supports
Getting security back feels amazing ... EyeEm Gallery Locks Of Love Locks BackToWork Ibelieveinyou Neverfaraway Nevergivingup Onmymind Making It Happen On A Mission
I need you! EyeEm Gallery 831!!! 831 Love Withyoualways Nevergivingup Missing You Twin Flames Onmymind
It's not about holding back... It's about waiting for the perfect time.. Washington Damn Taking Photos 831!!! 831 Eye4photography  Tadaa Community Love Onmymind Missing You Nevergivingup
Close-up Human Eye Looking At Camera Eyesight Real People Young Adult Nevergivingup
And I just want to tell you, it takes everything in me not to call you, and I wish I could run to you and I hope you know every time I don't...I almost do. EyeEm Flower Flowers Love Neverdoubt Missing You EyeEm Gallery Nevergivingup 831!!! 831 Neverfaraway Madlydeeplytruly
Oh how my sweet boy loves fall!!! Happy first day of fall!! Changing Seasons TreePorn Autumn Colors Love Missing You Onmymind Nevergivingup Neverdoubt Twin Flames Neverfaraway
You are beautiful... Water_collection EyeEm Nature Lover All_shots Missing You Love 831!!! 831 EyeEm Gallery Madlydeeplytruly Neverfaraway Nevergivingup
I want to spin you up like a globe and drag my finger across till it stops to discover the pieces of you that you've yet to reveal to anyone else ... Tu Me Manque EyeEm Withyoualways Photography All_shots Love Nevergivingup Twin Flames On A Mission Determined
Only up from here on out... EyeEm Gallery All_shots Tu Me Manque Keep Pressing Forward You Are Adored Nevergivingup Strength Training Onmymind Twin Flames Love Taking Photos Red Rainy Days Trees Tug Tug Red Balloons Stay Strong Missing You Silhouettes Right There
Hospital St. Louis, MO Taking Photos Terminallyill Nevergivingup Tadaa Community On The Road Medical Team Can't Wait To Go Home Night Night Lights Nightphotography Night Photography Night View
I just miss you....the end EyeEm Gallery Strength Training Taking Photos Nevergivingup You Are Adored Fall Beauty All_shots Cloudporn Tu Me Manque Photography
EyeEm Nature Lover Photography Love From Above Terminallyill Nevergivingup Love Energy Nature Beautiful Nature Awakening
Appreciate The Little Things In Life Eye4photography  Personal Perspective Capture The Moment Home Is Where The Art Is Fortheloveofblackandwhite Light And Shadow Suberbs Rhode Island Keeping The Faith In Memory Of NeverForget Nevergivingup
My dreams have got me in all sorts of tangles today.... EyeEm Trees Birch Tree Twin Flames Eye4photography  831!!! 831 Love Onmymind We Got This! Nevergivingup
Be open to whatever comes next! I'm ready baby! EyeEm Gallery Eye4photography  Twin Flames EyeEm Nevergivingup Onmymind 831!!! 831 Missing You Love Endless Love
Photography Driving Home Town Traveling My Journey  Bad News Heart Hope Nevergivingup Praying
EyeEm Natue Lover Fall Colors Tadaa Community My Photography Connected With Nature Beautiful Nature Taking Photos Memories Nevergivingup Enjoying Life
My Journey  Nevergivingup
Taking Photos EyeEm Natue Lover Houseplant Green Memories Beautiful Nature Tadaa Community My Photography Nevergivingup Enjoying Life
I collect bears and antiques. The buggy here is over 100 years old. My Photography Taking Photos Antique Tadaa Community Tadaa Friends Memories Enjoying Life Nevergivingup Love
Waiting... Train Tracking Time Tadaa Community All_shots Missing You Like Crazy Eye4photography  831 Nevergivingup Self Discovery Tug Tug
Hope - the only thing that never dies. 💭 Tattoo Hope.✌ Stars ColdTimes Hopeless Nevergiveup Thoughtful EyeEmTattoo EyeEm Evenig Photo Bedtime♡ Sleepy Tiredoftrying  Nevergivingup Headuphigh TattooLove Relaxing Blackandwhite Thoughts Smartphonephotography
F***ing fever One Person Lying Down 57days Sobriety  Fighter Worrier Nevergivingup Eyeglasses  Front View Close-up Looking At Camera Portrait That's Me Stillfocus Relaxation Feelingblue One Woman Only Tattoo Real People Indoors  Home
The question has ceased to be "How do I love you?" And has become "How do I ever stop?" Every Picture Tells A Story Her Collection Taking Photos You Are Adored Onmymind 831 Love Abandoned Places Nevergivingup Barnstalker
Like the Rapids down the river....bipolar Fast Rapid Water Unknown Destination Withyoualways Undone Taking Photos Feelings Never Change Mindfulness Twin Flames Love Nevergivingup
My Photography Light And Shadow Blackandwhite Tadaa Community The Purist (no Edit, No Filter) Taking Photos Nevergivingup Enjoying Life Thankful
Near or far... EyeEm Gallery EyeEm Flower Collection 831!!! 831 Onmymind Flowers Stronger Than Ever Neverdoubt Nevergivingup The Rush Of Us
And all of a sudden I felt really tired. Like the world had drained me for everything I had.... Water Reflections Tu Me Manque EyeEm Determined Nevergivingup You Are Adored She Feels Colors Love Twin Flames Sky
These are my strawberries from my strawberry patch. I want to share this amazing information. You'll find the information in the comment section. It wouldn't let me put it all here. CaCancertStrawberrytStrawberrieseTerminallyilleHealtheHealingaNatureaTadaa CommunityrFrom My Point Of VieweNevergivingupoNotes To Leave Behind
Nature_perfection Student Just Smile  Attitudeface Nevergivingup Never Stop Learning Real People
Merry Christmas to all ! May you have a great New Year full of love and peace. ❤️✌️ God bless ??? ??? Praying My Journey  Nevergivingup Beautiful Nature Feeling Thankful Family EyeEm Nature Lover Nature Collection Connected With Nature Flower
Heart attack ! I needed that for a jump start! Train HDR Love Eyespy Onmymind 831!!! 831 Neverfaraway Love Your Face Missing You Nevergivingup
Head in the clouds...its cozy here Sky_collection Love Breathe All_shots Twin Flames Eye4photography  You Are Adored 831!!! 831 Have An Amazing Day Nevergivingup
Closer than yesterday... Withyoualways Flowers Flower Collection Missing You Love 831!!! 831 EyeEm Neverfaraway Nevergivingup EyeEm Gallery Nevergivingup Terminallyill Hope Faith Family Love Christian Tadaa Community From My Point Of View ThatsMe
My lovely boy. Pets Domestic Cat Indoors  Mammal Feline Sleepy Sleeptime Goodnight ♡ 52Days  Sobriety  Starting Over Worrier Fighter Stillfocus So It Is Tomorrow Is Another Day Nevergivingup Happiness
Today I choose Joy ❤️?? Love Peace Beautiful Nature EyeEm Nature Lover Hugging A Tree Sunshine Nature_collection Nevergivingup Enjoying Life Tree_collection
Preparing for moments yet to come... Water Reflections Love Strength Training Be Open To Recieve Dream Work Is Team Work Nevergivingup Transitional Moments Tu Me Manque Awakening See You When I Sleep Stay Strong EyeEm Sunsets No Stopping Me Missing You You Are Loved ❤ You Are Adored Twin Flames Skyporn Onmymind Holding On Bad Habits Day Three -absent Silence Is Killing Me Keeping Balance Praying Better Days Ahead
Your the most beautiful thing I keep inside my heart... Perception Love Twin Flames 831!!! 831 Neverfaraway Nevergivingup EyeEm Gallery EyeEm Missing You Neverdoubt
ThatsMe Faith Love Christian Hope Nevergivingup Light And Shadow Tadaa Community Terminallyill Enjoying Life
Please remember you can't put your arms around a memory so hug someone you love today. EyeEm Nature Lover Enjoying Life Enjoying The View Dance Like Nobodys Watching. Love Like Youve Never Been Hurt. Sing Like Nobodys Listening. Live Like Its Heaven On Earth. Beautiful Nature Life Terminallyill Nevergivingup Faith Hope
Soitis So It Is Text Single Starting Over Nevergivingup Tomorrow Is Another Day Goodnight ♡ Sleeptime Sleepy Happiness
Unused Wildlife & Nature Wild Green Growth Nevergivingup Life Grass Green Color Outdoors Plant Nature No People Close-up Leaf Day Inspiration
Photography Nature Nature_collection Beautiful Nature Leaf EyeEm Nature Lover Stones Time Nevergivingup enjoying life
Clouds EyeEm Nature Lover EyeEm Lover Of Clouds Faith Christian Christianity Hope Pray Terminallyill Nevergivingup Notes To Leave Behind Lookingup Nature Is My Best Friend EyeEm Popular Photos
Rounding out the edges... Keeping Balance No Stopping Me Locks Awakening Twin Flames Onmymind You Are Adored Missing You See You When I Sleep Be Open To Recieve Holding On Strength Training Connection Bonded Tied Together Nevergivingup Timing Is Everything Love Dream Work Is Team Work 831!!! 831 Love Locks Determination Trust Your The Reason I Smile Focus
New York City One World Trade Center Monuments 9.11 Alwaysremember NeverForget Nevergivingup United States USA Peace ✌ Samsungphotography Samsung K Zoom
Real People Indoors  Starsandstrips 54days Stillfocus Lifestyles Starting Over Nevergivingup Fighter Worrier Sobriety  Happiness Friends Food Pepsi Max Fun Lovemyfriends Lovemyfriends❤️ Lovemylife
EyeEm Nature Lover I Love My Grandson My Grandson Mamaws Little Man Taking Photos Love Family Time Nevergivingup Enjoying Life Photography