Lake Sacajawea Park

@invisibility1 A flaw was discovered in my quest for world domination. An army of genetically modified fire breathing moths, cross bred with the praying mantis, for precise head extraction, would alert millions. Seeing my gargantuan moths approaching from the distance would cause mass hysteria, as millions would take cover. Allowing them to regroup and formulate a counter attack. More moths and less casualties will not achieve world domination. Fortunately, I have come up with a solution, eliminating the flaw, ensuring perfection. I have developed a technique to extract frog urine from the Lily pad. Once concentrated it will be injected into the moths legs, giving them the addtional ability to hop. An army of hopping moths will cause curiosity and confusion. The masses will gather, perplexed by these peculiar creatures. Attempting to get as close as possible for an opportunity to acquire a unique photo or video, to post on their facebook pages and others will want to post their pics on Eyeem........It will only be then, when my Genetically modified, hopping, fire breathing moths, cross bred with the Praying Mantis for precise head extraction, will rise up and assure my flawless quest for world domination! Water Lake Reflection Nature Floating On Water Leaf Water Lily Standing Water Water Plant Beauty In Nature No People Outdoors Lily Pad Freshness Plant Day Darryn Doyle Hidden Secrets Check This Out Hidden Within Backgrounds Break The Mold Lake Sacajawea Park Lake Side View Lakefront Live For The Story The Great Outdoors - 2017 EyeEm Awards
Colors Of Autumn at Lake Sacajawea in Longview, WA Pacific Northwest  Calm
Autumn Oak Leaves Streamzoofamily Lake Sacajawea Park Longview, Washington After the Rain Feel The Journey Raindrops
At the park... Taking Photos LongviewWA Pacificnorthwest Streamzoofamily