I've been on Vacation and have missed my Grandma dearly. Super glad she has a consistent Friend in her Life Alzheimer's Disease Alzheimer's Alzheimers AlzheimersAwareness Dementia Love Family
Women Who Inspire You when your mom take sickness and forgot everything even you are her dauther. Alzheimer is a new ill what is so familiar and common these days. Alzheimer's AlzheimersAwareness Alzheimer's Disease Alzheimers Society Alzheimer Portrait Iranian People People And Places The Portraitist - 2017 EyeEm Awards The Photojournalist - 2017 EyeEm Awards BYOPaper! Press For Progress
A moment of connection brings out a smile Blackandwhite Black And White EyeEm Best Shots Creative Light And Shadow Light And Shadow Shades Of Grey AlzheimersAwareness Capture The Moment Alzheimers Enjoying Life Hello World Generations Love Black & White Eyeem Black And White Home Is Where The Art Is
Alzheimer's has not robbed my mother of her creativity. AlzheimersAwareness Coloring Book
Everything is Blackandwhite for someone with Alzheimers AlzheimersAwareness Stairs Banana
I took this photo with my iPhone of my mother-in-law who has Alzheimers looking at my father-in-law, they have been married for almost 60 years and she sadly no longer remembers him... Alzeimer's Disease AlzheimersAwareness Elderlypeople Grandfather Grandmother Grandparents Love Marriage  Black And White People Family People Photography
Forget Me Not Vergissmeinnicht Spring Spring Flowers Wild Flowers Alzheimers Society AlzheimersAwareness Remembrance Faithfulness  Enduring Love Fidelity  When This You See Remember Me
Meet ABIGAIL... The Human Condition AlzheimersAwareness Alzheimer's Disease Dementia Im waiting paitently for her to smile. Its rare but when it happens she lights up the room. Her laughter is contagious and when she can share a story...I hang on to every word. Light Up Your Life Throughmyeyes Talk To Me
My Grandma has Little Knick Knacks that she can't break around the house, and sometimes she puts them in the best places, like here, in the bathroom; at the end of a very difficult and long day, I Smile , thank you Grama. AlzheimersAwareness Alzheimers Dementia
Grandma. Senior Adult Portrait Alzheimer's Disease AlzheimersAwareness Alzheimer's Association Love Human Hand Real People Missing You
My so precious mom, in our garden... She's at the end of her physiotherapy session, with a walk... 💛💛❤️❤️💛💛❤️❤️💋 Rear View Mother Alzheimer's Disease AlzheimersAwareness Family Love
Alzheimer's Disease AlzheimersAwareness Black&white Blackandwhite Grandma Grandmother Light Light And Shadow
AlzheimersAwareness Forgotten Loneliness Portrait Sadness The Portraitist Sad Old Sadness And Sorrow Sadness😢
Showing Imperfection Telling Stories Differently Wedding AlzheimersAwareness Alzheimers Church 1950s
We like Alzheimer. My dad. Baba Babam AlzheimersAwareness Father Daddy Daddy❤ Family Family❤ Família Enjoying Life
Enjoy The New Normal Real People Portrait AlzheimersAwareness Alzheimer's Disease Grandmother Love Beautiful Woman EyeEmbestshots EyeEm Gallery Blessedandthankful Mypointofview Family Outdoors American Georgia
Breathing Space As a child I would run to the arms of my Mom. She has the late stages of Alzheimer's now. Now, I run to hold her. The disease takes so much away. I miss her so much. Eyes Closed  One Person Indoors  Lying Down Real People Relaxation Sleeping Lifestyles Headshot Close-up Leisure Activity Home Interior Comfortable Human Body Part Day Women Human Hand Adult Adults Only People Alzheimer's Disease AlzheimersAwareness Lewey's Body Syndrome Sundown Syndrome
This is my mother. She suffers with Alzheimer's disease. Even though she cannot communicate well, her eyes are as kind and bright as if she were 30 again. She is my unlikely hero Unlikely Heroes Black & White Mom AlzheimersAwareness Courage
Piano Moments Still Young At Heart ❤️ AlzheimersAwareness Human Hand Indoors  One Person Human Body Part Close-up Piano Classic Style For Miles Woman Who Inspire You ❤✨
My Grama never had the opportunity to decline in her cognitive abilities over time, Crazy I use the word, opportunity; she was hit by a car shortly after being diagnosed and that was that. Perhaps both a blessing to not have to deal with the Heartbreak of knowing that your mind will be changing, and a curse because I've never really had the opportunity to make the progress as slow and little as possible. Nonetheless, my mom works graveyard shift and needs the day to sleep, during the day I will be in class, and my brother is at Work ; we were really hoping to get her into a day program so she can not only socialize but have a better quality of life, all the while my mom gets the rest she needs, and I get my Education It's plausible to have an outside caregiver come while I am at school, but I really believe it would benefit her to socialize with others. Today she was denied admittance to a day program because she wasn't able to be redirected and she threw something at another patron. I'm hoping that the supervisor stays true to her word and contacts me in regards to programs that may accept her, but I just feel completely Hopeless right now. AlzheimersAwareness Alzheimers Dementia Grandma Family Caregiver Burnout
Dementia Alzheimer's Disease AlzheimersAwareness Alzheimer's Mentalhealth  Mental Illness Carer Reality Real People Real Life Everyday Lives Everyday Emotion Every Picture Tells A Story Everyday Life EyeEm Best Shots Eye4photography  Two People EyeEm Gallery Photography MentalHealthAwareness this is what real life & real people deal with when caring for someone with Alzheimer's disease 24/7. 😢
Good Morning Sweetheart Time For Breakfast  The Many Faces Of LOVE Grandmother Oma AlzheimersAwareness
Alzheimer's Disease AlzheimersAwareness
Alzheimer's Disease AlzheimersAwareness Alzheimer Chalk Drawing Disease Healthcare And Medicine Medical Cannabis
We like Alzheimer. Alzheimer AlzheimersAwareness Alzheimer's Alzheimers Ill Sick Love ♥ Care EyeEm Best Shots Love
Beautiful day for a walk! Endalz WalktoendalzKC AlzheimersAwareness Streamzoofamily Walking Around Flowers Kansas
Recuerda sus olvidos. Paper View AlzheimersAwareness Alzheimer Eyemphotography Getting Inspired IPhoneography Simplicity Check This Out! EyeEm Gallery Dreambig Dream Puzzle  Getting Creative Remember their Story Deceptively Simple Capture The Moment EyeEmBestPics Thinking Monochrome Blackandwhite Eyem Gallery Paper ExpressYourself Conciousness
Just Another Night In The Alzheimer Behavoiral Unit I work In, Resident Got A Death Grip On Me. Human Body Part Close-up Assault Death Grip Alzheimer's Disease AlzheimersAwareness Healthcare And Medicine Behavior Certified Nursing Assistant Unit Worker Ouch
The Portraitist - 2016 EyeEm Awards my beautiful Betty and her loves AlzheimersAwareness
Alzheimer's...My grandmother who raised me for half of my life was having a clear day. She just started slipping back to her unclear memory as I was taking this picture. This woman is my everything. AlzheimersAwareness Black & White Black And White Blackandwhite Blackandwhite Photography Elderly Grandma Great Grandma Headshot Love Matriarch Memories My Everything Nana Portrait Portrait Of A Woman Portrait Photography Strongwoman Tearsinmyeyes  Thinking
Letting her go. Alzheimer's took her away not long ago. My brother asked my mother where will she go, and she said, "I am going to heaven" "Where? " My brother asked again, she said, "I am going to the temple" and she did! This is a piece she painted in her bedroom's wall during the last stages of this horrible disease. Long Goodbye Real People Men Human Hand Religion Cultures Close-up People ArtWork Painting Drawing Wall Art Wall Painting Sadness Saying Goodbye Alzheimer's Disease AlzheimersAwareness Alzheimer Alzheimer's Alzheimers Resist Art Is Everywhere Cut And Paste
Yesterday afternoon, my little precious mom napped under attentive Lola, her bodyguard.... 💞🌼♥️💞 Alzheimer's Disease AlzheimersAwareness One Person Mature Adult One Woman Only Adults Only Animal Themes People Outdoors Day Adult Only Women Love My Mom Fragility
Grandfather AlzheimersAwareness Loved Taking Photos Unbreakable Bond The Portraitist - 2018 EyeEm Awards
Endalz AlzheimersAwareness Alzheimer's
Enjoy The New Normal Mypointofview Family Alzheimer's Disease AlzheimersAwareness Grandmother Tranquility Love Beautiful Woman Blessedandthankful Chance Encounters Portrait EyeEmbestshots American Proud Mother Daughter Hug Aunt  Grandma EyeEm Gallery Uniqueness
Streamzoofamily Endalz Mom AlzheimersAwareness
oPhoneography Eyemgallery Loving Life! EyeEm Best Shots Whocares? Eyem Gallery Photography Aunt  Alzheimer's Disease AlzheimersAwareness MyBirthday EyeEm Best Shots - Nature EyeEmBestPics Close-up My Unique Style Once Apon A Time Lost In The Landscape
A Smile. Behind the soft smile is my Mom. She has Alzheimer's. It's a horrid disease. The Mom I once knew only comes out in glimmers now. I miss her, & she's right here. I think. Alzheimer's Disease AlzheimersAwareness Alzheimer's Mom Mother Smile Fading Away Alzheimers Sucks Sundown Syndrome Lewy Body Dementia Love Family
RePicture Ageing My 84 Yr Old Aunt Out Partying With Me. Alzheimer AlzheimersAwareness Enjoying Life EyeEm Gallery EyeEm Best Shots Hanging Out Birthday Party PhonePhotography Happy :)
My 84 yr old aunt and i out partying .its 9 degrees.. EyeEm Best Shots Enjoying Life Olderthanthehills AlzheimersAwareness My 84 Yr Old Aunt Out Partying With Me. Alzheimer Happy Birthday! Mystyle Happy :) EyeEm Gallery Bartime
AlzheimersAwareness Alzheimerswalk 2016
What she sees Alzheimers AlzheimersAwareness Nana Love Check This Out
Another one Lokai Bracelet AlzheimersAwareness Findyourbalance Beach Photography Rocks RockyNeckStatePark
NYC Photography Urban Prince  Empire State Building AlzheimersAwareness
EyeEmNewHere Alzheimer's Disease Alz Alzheimer's Alzheimer AlzheimersAwareness Alzeimer's Disease Alzheimers Alzheimer's Association AlzaLoSguardo Alzeheimer
Walk To End Alzheimer's AlzheimersAwareness Endalz Family
Mom Endalz AlzheimersAwareness Eyeem Best Shots - People And Portait
Walk To End Alzheimer's AlzheimersAwareness Endalz Mywife
Communication Tree Close-up Road Sign Signboard Text Guidance Day AlzheimersAwareness Fighting Fighting For Freedom Medical Medicine Awareness