Bristol Borough

Showcase March Birds Eatingpopcorn Avianworld Nikonphotography NikonD3100 Seagulls
Showcase March NikonD3100 Photography Sculpture Modern Art Bird Photography Frame It! Nature Skyline Lake View Lamppost Took this picture for my photo assignment. At Bristol Historical Borough PA
Hanging Out
Getting photo fancy with my new guitar. Wondering what I should name her.
When I need to vent and no one's there, I approach the man who sits on the stair, he wasn't there the first time I went, and not even now, when I need to vent.
Eating Dinner
the bear, the drones, so tired from preventing man's nature in setting forest fires.
What can I say this picture isn't already saying? What cold inside yonder writer's heart is moments away from its slaying.
Creative Cursing