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I'm so lazy .-. Eww school :( Earlybird Mimis School Tgif
Cuddling with daddy ? Wornout Mimis @elinaraujo
Black Room Yeah Fuck Mine Mimi Mimis Nimis RaRa
Ughh... Monday .-. School Earlybird Mimis Monday bleh nottoready
Wahh!!! ? Homeworkstatus Bleh Needsleep  Mimis
Someone fell asleep on me while doing HW :/ So much for my company buddy ? Foreveralone Mimis Bambi Homeworkstatus
A bit tired .__. Time for mimis ? Sleepy Mimis Nomakeup Tiredface Unprettyday
better view! Mimis Sleeping Tired Minpin chihuahua terriermix layinonhisback blacknbrown myson baby cuddleweather coldweather hunter
Goodnight from Me & Bambi❤️? Mimis Goodnight Doggie Nomakeup bleh natural sweetdreams
I feel like going mimis ?Sleepy Mimis Tired Nomakeup natural selfie
Hunter Mimis Minpin Miniaturepinscher chihuahua terrier terriermix sleepy sleeping out passedout knockedout sleepinonmychest likethegoodolddays attentive myson mybaby mysquishy mysonwithfourlegs mysquishinessoflove
Too damn early to be at school t('-')t School Picoftheday Mimis Goodmorning haveagreatday restroompic selfie
Finally I get to rest after a long day ?? Tired Pjs Bleh Mimis
Sleepy Sleeping Sleepinonmychest Mimis miniaturepinscher minpin chihuahua terrier terriermix likethegoodolddays attentive mommysboy mamasboy myson mybaby mysquishy mysonwithfourlegs mysquishinessoflove
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Mimis Blunt Good Night instagram
Tired after a looong day :/ Mimis Tired Hectic Day crazyhair weirdface blehh idc
Mimis Cupcakes Yum Foodporn chocolate oreo kitkat twix insta instagood yum cake fluffy delicious addiction caramel swag instagram
Breakfast with my bestie Mimis CoffeeAddiction StartingEarly
One of my best friend! Mimis Mimson Instamim Instamood @mixmix21