Crêpes Tefal
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Cook with an overnight roast/grill chicken. 1) chop chicken into pieces. 2) finely chop - ginger, garlic & shallot. 3) chop some pork bacon. 1. Ready a wok pan (my new Tefal Wokpan ) 2. Fry the bacon to ooze out that smoky fragrant fat meat 3. Stirfry the rest of the shallot, garlic and ginger. 4. Add the overnight chicken (do not need salt or pepper as the chicken and bacon is already salty). 5. Add some water and goreng! (Stirfry) 6. Wola The Overnight Chic aint wasted. My Transformation of western to oriental chicken dish. MacamYES Cooking lifeisabliss staypositive brunch
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