She never understood why life threw her around n around like she's stuck in a whirlwind BUT she never EVER stood down; she merely twirled with the wind like there ain't nothing to it! She's a beast; a soldier; takes a punch from life like no other while the rest break down she looked back n smiled! In her heart she knows that all the hurt comes with a choice; a choice to grieve from or a choice to manifest from Strength like hers comes seldom && strength like hers comes from deep within; Hope is what keeps her drawn && Hope might just be what puts her deep beneath HopefulRomantic Strongwomen strongwoman herstrengthislikenoother herloveislikeWHOA heartofGOLD dontbelieveme JUSTWATCH beast myownqoute rarebreed shellALWAYSbetheone topbreed quotes
Some way some how SOMEDAY she'll will be; HopefulRomantic
Cuz when u love it never fades away; u never stop feeling it u simply stop showing it! The curse of loving too hard comes with the repercussions of feeling like its something u did BUT see I can walk on earth not feeling a damn bit of Regret wanna know why? Cuz when I look back I know I gave everyone everything my all my 110% Bitter ?? No baby NEVER that its not in my nature I simply hold all love for you and the rest! HopefulRomantic Lovetoohard itsinmynature rarebreed ugonnagetstuckwiththeMINIMUM imakeeplookingup headuphighALWAYS lovehate love urlost onedayullseeit aliltoolate ihopenot relationships
Empty ass mofo Heartless ass female! Headuphigh Igotthis HopefulRomantic dontbelieveme JUSTWATCH