Photo of the day: Evening Pintails Pintail SoDak Luckylady
My heart is swelling with Love! πŸ’œ thank you @jwolfhorwitz for making my dream come true'. They are absolutely beautiful. Valentinesday Flowersfordreams Luckylady
Mynewhusband Sogeorgous Luckylady Beautifulflowergirl
Surprised with flowers last night! @danwbilliot Luckylady Flowers
Window Day No People Plant Tree Captured Luckylady
Luckylady Gettingflowersndshitaw Hospitalperks
Good company will keep you in good spirits- and good health. Luckylady Myreason <3
Asha's Wednesday Illuminated One Person Real People Indoors  Barterfly Window Butterfly - Insect Yellow Stripes Pattern Ferns Miracle Light And Shadow Luckylady Bartender Scarf Cool Connected By Travel
Airshow Plane B17 Luckylady
Being diagnosed with diverticulitis after a 6+ hour ER visit complete with an ultrasound, (not so) delicious dinner of a Barium shake, and CT scan isn't so bad when you walk in the door and this is there to surprise you. Booski Luckylady Stomachfeelfreetostophurtingwhenever Butreallythough
What I came home from work to tonight: candlelit dinner of ravioli and homemade chicken parm & meatballs. Seriously blown away by Booski! Birthdaydinner Whataspread Spoiled Luckylady canyoutellhesitalian leftoversforweeks whoshelpingmeeatallthis toomanyhashtags lookatthechristmaslightstodecoratethetable
My Mancandymonday MCM Luckylady
My beautiful roses. I'm such a lucky lady. Photography Flowers Love Luckylady