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Grabe nakakapagod Ang Praktis! Tss.. -_- Voiceless -_- hard to speak!! ;( Sakit ng paa k0 dun ha!! Sana bou na bukas toh!! ;(
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The "Silent Treatment " is abuse. Did you know that being ignored activates the same area in our brain ( the anterior cingulate cortex, which is responsible for processing different levels of pain) than being physically hurt ? It is commonly used by manipulators as a controlling strategy. By simply doing and saying nothing, the abusive personality assumes a sense of power over their targets by putting themselves in control of "if and when" any conversation will be resumed. No one deserves this Social Issues Social Responsibility Silent Treatment Relationship Difficulties Relationships Feelingsthroughphotography Conceptual Photography  Violence Violenceagainstwomen Women's Rights Women's Day Human Rights Abuse Human Rights Abused Abuse Manipulation Narcissistic  Narcissistic Tendencies Narcissistic  Sociopath Psychopaths Silence Shut Up Silent Dialogue Silent Voiceless Human Hand Studio Shot Close-up Domestic Violence