Day18 Julyphotochallenges : plate *green plate at bebek goreng* Meandmysisterphotochallenges Wnephotochallenges wneoverlays overlays roverlays re_overlays kuliner kulinerpku bebekgorengpekanbaru
Day7 Julyphotochallenges : garden *simple mini garden at my office * Havenobetteridea :D
Again... Meandmysisterphotochallenges Julyphotochallenges Addicted lets goooo bundang @vienanda
Day9 Julyphotochallenges : big *the big dates around the small dates* yummyyy for break my fasting later : D Alfanova Meandmysisterphotochallenges wnephotochallenges kuliner kurmamedjol fasting
Day11 Julyphotochallenges : letter *from my cecekoala bayibayi mama* ....tq my lovely.. I do love u so... * bighug* Alfanova Tepocece meandmysisterphotochallenges wnephotochallenges noedit nofilter
Day1 Julyphotochallenges : self potrait Meandmysisterphotochallenges Alfanova wneoverlays wnehijab shii_overlays
Day16 Julyphotochallenges : sign, road sign named Rafa Nadal Alfanova Wnephotochallenges overlays overlay
Day13 Julyphotochallenges : open *the shop is open* very very late post...really busy :D bundaaaang @vienanda wheres yours... Alfanova Meandmysisterphotochallenges wnephotochallenges alfamart miniatur koleksielfacaca
Day15 Julyphotochallenges : finger Alfanova Wnephotochallenges wneoverlays meandmysisterphotochallenges overlays ripcurl planetsurf @re_overlays
Day12 Julyphotochallenges : texture *really like the softness of this bedsheet...comfy silky...* Alfanova Wnephotochallenges meandmysisterphotochallenges tepocece dedekbutuk hunghung
Day3 Julyphotochallenges : best part of your day *three of them, seeing and hugging them... the best part of my day* ♥♥♥
Day2 Julyphotochallenges : busy Meandmysisterphotochallenges Addictedtophotochallenges wnephotochallenges alfanova
Day6 Julyphotochallenges : chair *late late post* (:
Day4 Julyphotochallenges :fun *mytepocece*
Day17 Julyphotochallenges : addiction *addicted to all the things in red* :D Alfanova Wnephotochallenges wnefave @re_overlays
Day10 Julyphotochallenges : your favourite colour *red red red* Wnephotochallenges Alfanova meandmysisterphotochallenges
Day14 Julyphotochallenges : building *tennis place at my office* Alfanova Meandmysisterphotochallenges wnephotochallenges ptpnv vamos pekanbaru
Day8 Julyphotochallenges : lunch *lunch w/ asam pedas patin* the good one from Pekanbaru Kulinerpku rmhmyunuspku asampedaspatin alfanova meandmysisterphotochallenges wnephotochallenges
end of photo grid