Day18 Julyphotochallenges : plate *green plate at bebek goreng* Meandmysisterphotochallenges Wnephotochallenges wneoverlays overlays roverlays re_overlays kuliner kulinerpku bebekgorengpekanbaru
Day8 : water activity... as a kid, water activity is always fun for both of my girls.. SeptemberPhotoChallenge Photochallenge Wnephotochallenges alfanova elfacaca parentkidsphotovideochallenge cc.: @babyhijaber
Day16 Julyphotochallenges : sign, road sign named Rafa Nadal Alfanova Wnephotochallenges overlays overlay
Day30 Junephotochallenges : selfie Alfanova Wnephotochallenges meandmysisterphotochallenges wneoverlays shii_overlays overlays
Day15 Julyphotochallenges : finger Alfanova Wnephotochallenges wneoverlays meandmysisterphotochallenges overlays ripcurl planetsurf @re_overlays
Day12 Julyphotochallenges : texture *really like the softness of this bedsheet...comfy silky...* Alfanova Wnephotochallenges meandmysisterphotochallenges tepocece dedekbutuk hunghung
Day10 Julyphotochallenges : your favourite colour *red red red* Wnephotochallenges Alfanova meandmysisterphotochallenges
Day2 kiss the kids.. SeptemberPhotoChallenge Parentkidsphotovideochallenge Wnephotochallenges photochallenge alfanova tepocece
Day17 Julyphotochallenges : addiction *addicted to all the things in red* :D Alfanova Wnephotochallenges wnefave @re_overlays