When you want to make fun of the Sun!!!!! Love Sun Sunset Sunday Laziness Didn Knew Whattodo Like4like Followforfollow
Goodmorning Didn 't sleep Dimple  Smile love Mumbai
LOL but I cried for her. Shewas so embarrassed Didn 't want Jamaica trip
Hotbath  Didn 't Work
Morning ig Plain jane Didn 't have time to do hair Damn I still look good all natural beauty
I Didn 't Choose The thuglife the thuglife. choose me haha so stupid swaggg whateva 
Long Time Didn 'tShop shopservaywifmumjor~~ homealmostempty~~
Ouch Hairstylist Didn 'tneedthatknuckle
Like mother like daughter Rocking_dem_heels Didn 't_fall Style Feel_tall :D <3
IDidn 'tChoose The Thug lifeitchoseme