43VivosYa Nosinfiltramosnoslevantamos Babylonfading Taking Photos Our Reality
University assembly. No más muertos. Ayotzinapa vive. University Nosinfiltramosnoslevantamos Babylonfading People fighting
"Los 400 Pueblos" ‘Four hundred countries‘ is a farmers organization, them fight for your camps. Los 400 pueblos. Hello World People Outfit Our Reality Babylonfading 43VivosYa Nosinfiltramosnoslevantamos Our World
Taking Photos Our Reality Babylonfading Nosinfiltramosnoslevantamos 43VivosYa
Our World Taking Photos Check This Out Taking Photos 43VivosYa Nosinfiltramosnoslevantamos Babylonfading Our Reality
8 de marzo International Women's Day . ,"no more deaths. no more femicide". pic 2013. this day is not a celebration is an anniversary. a recordatory of the fight of womens (& any man) for the rights and equal of genders like humans in a society of patriarchy domain & wild capitalism. Taking Photos Nosinfiltramosnoslevantamos Hi!
México 26 enero 2015. 8va jornada por Ayotzinapa Hello World Taking Photos Check This Out 43VivosYa Nosinfiltramosnoslevantamos Nofilter WeAreAll Vivos los queremos. Mexico Our Reality Democracy
network is the way, ourselves we are the revolution... Please add me..... working on Facebook ... Linux Linuxrules! Nosinfiltramosnoslevantamos usinfiltrateusuprise
21 octubre, University assembly UAM Azcapotzalco. To The National student Strike 22, 23 octubre. Global protest 22. We want them alive. Ayotzinapa. Iguala. Guerrero México. 43VivosYa Democracy Nosinfiltramosnoslevantamos Our Reality