... e enfim, o trono de ferro pertence a uma Greyjoy. Got ASoIaF Ironthrone Americanas
CatsAndBooks 😻 Arigato Ahri AhriTheCat Bookstagram Catstagram ASoIaF Got Georgerrmartin Winteriscoming Gameofthrones Readers Bookworm Blvck  Blackandwhite Chrome Yelloweyes Catsofinstagram Catlover Art Design Readingbuddy
No fight is hopeless till it has been fought. Asha is now one of my favs. Ashagreyjoy ASoIaF
This would make a great Tshirt. Gameofthrones Got Stark ASoIaF Irfan Grrm Irfan2266
Housearryn Arryn Asongoficeandfire Agameofthrones Agot ASoIaF Moon Lua  Bird Eagle Ashighashonor Taoaltoquantoahonra Blue Sky Bluesky Instapic Instafollow Instanature Instadaily Instaphoto Instafollowback Instastyle Photooftheday Picoftheday Beautifulcolors bestpic flying followback followme As High as Honor.
5am and I am yet to fall asleep. After five hours of laying here I got so stressed that all I could do was cry. Clearly I'm not falling asleep any time soon and I got to be up in two hours so might as well just go with it and find somewhere else to bury my mind. Sick of this insomnia bullshit. Sick of being tired every day. 😡 Insomnia Asongoficeandfire ASoIaF Aclashofkings
THE MASTER. Georgerrmartin Asongoficeandfire ASoIaF
A Song of Ice and Fire ASoIaF JonSnow Daenerystargaryen
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YEY livro 5, finalmente! Got ASoIaF Acdgef Book
♡ Flowers ASoIaF
Catelyn to everyone: will it bring Ned back to me? Vscocam Clashofkings ASoIaF
What's is dead may never die. We do not sow! Greyjoy ASoIaF Got Adancewithdragons
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One of my favorite scene in GOT.. Gameofthrones Got HBO Grrm ASoIaF Petyrbaelish Varys Irfan