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This week @ Controlware I finished my Avaya Shortestpathbridging Fabric Connect setup with an Cluster of two VSP-8284XSQ & a bunch of VSP-7k's and ERS-4850's! Next customer please :)
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ATF2014 Avaya VSP-8284
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11 years old Avaya Ers-5510 powered with new fans & now ready for the next decade!
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Work disrupted - with the world out holidaying it's time for the IP phones to catch some breath and wait for the businesses to resume as usual Avaya Idle Sluggish Workdisrupted
Avaya Sochi 2014 Сочи (Sochi) Matryoshka Doll
Avaya Spbm Stealth Networks Pci-dss This is just an example how to build stealth networks in seconds on SPBm-enabled networks based on Avaya Fabric Connect without a need of MW's.