Speachless Momentefaine Day42
100happydays Day42 Boringday Shopping Enjoying Life Hello World Helloboysandgirls Bacioni Summer
Ed é la magia del palcoscenico, la porpora intensa, il poter vivere, anche solo per un momento, i miei sogni... 100happydays Day42 TeatrodegliArcimboldi Thebeautyandthebeast Disney Broadway magic musical singer thanksGod Godisgood
EuroTour is now over! But I couldn't ask for a better trip or better people, this tour wouldn't be the same if it wasn't because of everyone, rotex, exchange students, rotarians and bus drivers. Now I'm at home, thinking about everything we've made together and I can just describe it in one word: "saudade". For those who doesn't understand portuguese, "saudade" is a word in portuguese for the feeling when you're missing someone or something, I don't know if you understand the power of this word, but I do, and I have lots of saudade of every single one of you guys, I'll always remember all the moments we had together, every country we've visited, every smile we had, every kookoo we said, every hug I gave to you and you have to me, every word, every "BRASIL PORRA" we've yelled, everything, I'll keep it in my heart forever. I'm already missing you guys so much and I chose this picture because for me it represents what was this tour about: friendship and love. I love you all, my friends! 100DaysToHome Day42
Con la viejoncilla arremangada ajuaa! Forty Two Day42 Party Dancedancedance Singing Shortholiday
Light trails and fairy lights _ 365photoproject 365photochallenge Day42 Vscocam VSCO Vscogood Vscocamphotos Vscokenya Igers Igkenya Kenya365 Lights Night Amazing Evening Longexposure Lightpainting Nightphotography Slowshutter Photooftheday Lighttrails Sparks Fire Light Beautiful steelwool steelwoolphotography ig_steelwool steelspinners spinning
Day 42 - Near Mauerpark Berlin Streetphotography Streetphoto_bw 365project 365florianmski Day42
100happydayshl Day42
100happydays Day42 Surprise!! Went to Disney On Ice today as a surprise for the girl. She loved it. Rapunzel is her favourite Disney Princess at the moment apparently (other than Elsa and Anna!)
100happydays Day42 Old City Nature Picoftheday
100happydays Day42
100happydays Day42 Hapiness is being here Mumbai colaba lovethecity instapicoftheday
WaybackWednesday ? haha @missluuwho @misszzbeee @misscrisant0s remember when @j0s3ph_n sent this in our group chat? I literally cried for an hour because these emojis are just so perfect Hahahahahah. Happy because my friends are so funny and even thinking about something they once said or did makes me die from laughter 100happydays Day42 Dayfortytwo happy
Project 365, November 13th 2012, Day 42: Basil needs his protection. Project365 365project Day42 Beagle Puppy Dog Cute
You can never be too old for a Happymeal McDo 100happydays Day42 for @jocy_em and @star_drinker22
Saturdate.... ^_^ with the clingy - love of my life... <3 100happydaysofkei Day42 Nonstopkwentuhan Kimken
365project Day 42: This evening got turned on its head! I should have been in Stevenage for a uni tutorial but a slip from Carly meant a trip to A+E - thankfully it's just a sprain and not a break... 365project Day42 Accident Xray Hospital
100happydays Day42 физика Одиночество
I'm this kind of girlfriend. :') Randomthoughts Day42 100daysofhappinesschallenge
Breakfast ByThePool Gozo Day42 100happydays
A cheeky catch up with school friends. 4 years and still going strong - we're not doing so bad! 100happydays Day42 School Friends catchup memories
Es nuevo, es internacional y algo muy de mirrey es el raspado de moët chandon 100happydays Day42 Raspado Moet chandon mirrey
100happydays Day42 Walloffame Dublin
Day 42 of 365: "Anting-anting" Day42 Feb11 365project Photooftheday
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