to shot from different angle is a joy,to see beauty is a warmth to the heart..and to capture is an accomplishment that reaches joy that sparks in my eyes.. Unexplainablejoy Happinessfromnature Beautyinmyeyes Alliseeisbeauty
Changing of the leaves, green to yellow! Autumn2013 Bbehrphotos Beautyinmyeyes
Rio Rancho Bosque / Cottonwood Forest Bbehrphotography Passion4fotos Nature Quite Beautyinmyeyes
Certains disent que les yeux sont le miroir de l'âme.(merci Marcelo😉)... That's Me Look Into My Eyes... Beautyinmyeyes Whatareyouthinking ????😆
Bees are beautiful 🐝 Pollination Wildlife Beautyinmyeyes Bee
Natural Roses Bbehrphotography Sunburst Beautyinmyeyes Sunshine
Beautyinmyeyes Green Color Flower Nature Outdoors Beauty In Nature DoloresQuezonProvince
Tuesday morning sun rise! Beautyinmyeyes Beautiful