In the car ready to roll. AdventuresOfMolly
Introducing Molly. She likes eating my bag AdventuresOfMolly
Daily Frenchton Puppy photo. Still bravely defending her bridge. AdventuresOfMolly
Another pic of the Bulldog Puppy on the Beach . AdventuresOfMolly
Getting quite lean. AdventuresOfMolly
It is all about the Ears . AdventuresOfMolly
Gorgeous girl. AdventuresOfMolly
River source investigating AdventuresOfMolly
...and she's climbing a stairway to heaven AdventuresOfMolly
AdventuresOfMolly Logo
Molly loves riding shotgun in the Colt. AdventuresOfMolly Frenchton
Daily Frenchbulldog Puppy photo. AdventuresOfMolly
Pebble carrying. AdventuresOfMolly
Growing up big and strong. AdventuresOfMolly
AdventuresOfMolly sniffing the SPIN dune. SwanseaBay
Checking out the surf AdventuresOfMolly
Watching Swans Vs Liverpool intently. AdventuresOfMolly
We went to the beach today in Ade's VW T5 cause ours is being repaired. AdventuresOfMolly
Quick pour a cup of ambition! Someone is about to tumble out of bed and stumble to the kitchen, as she yawns and stretch as she tries to come alive. AdventuresOfMolly
Bath time. AdventuresOfMolly Frenchbulldog Puppy
SwanseaBay AdventuresOfMolly
Chasing Waterfalls . AdventuresOfMolly
Someone hates Bathtime AdventuresOfMolly Frenchbulldog
Swansea Bay Winter Sunset. AdventuresOfMolly Frenchbulldog
Molly says 'Social Media' is a 365 thing, not just New Years! AdventuresOfMolly
Growing up so quick, easy to forget she was this small. AdventuresOfMolly
Troublemaker Moi? AdventuresOfMolly
Someone is seriously miffed about our 45 min walk around the marina in heavy rain earlier. AdventuresOfMolly
Daily Puppy photo. Someone is almost getting too big for her bed. Frenchbulldog AdventuresOfMolly
All dry after yesterday's bath AdventuresOfMolly
Seen it all and done it all. AdventuresOfMolly Frenchbulldog
Duvet Day. AdventuresOfMolly Frenchbulldog Puppy
Sharon & Molly. Langland Gower AdventuresOfMolly
Selfie BlooperReel AdventuresOfMolly DimExcuses
Daily Puppy photo. 'Talk to the ass because the face is checking out the sea'. AdventuresOfMolly
Watching you. AdventuresOfMolly
Woodland exploring. AdventuresOfMolly
Right in there with the surfers. AdventuresOfMolly ColdWaterSurf
Still sleeping. AdventuresOfMolly Frenchbulldog
Most photographed Dog in Wales . AdventuresOfMolly
Inspecting the Mumbles SeaDefences . AdventuresOfMolly
Mainly eating pillows. AdventuresOfMolly
All clean. AdventuresOfMolly Frenchbulldog
Someone has designs on those fish... AdventuresOfMolly
How cool? Frenchbulldog in charge of the VW Transporter AdventuresOfMolly
Not getting up on a Saturday. AdventuresOfMolly
Someone has piled on the Xmas pounds. AdventuresOfMolly
Today I have been mainly hiding in pink blankets. AdventuresOfMolly
Stupid Christmas Hat! AdventuresOfMolly
Mischief machine, but looks like butter wouldn't melt. AdventuresOfMolly
Lurking in the shadows. AdventuresOfMolly
Frenchbulldog Puppy needs recharging. AdventuresOfMolly
Who stretched my dog? AdventuresOfMolly
Concerned by flood reports Molly has retreated up several stairs and made base camp by some wellies. Frenchton AdventuresOfMolly
Someone is getting too big for her sleeping pillow. AdventuresOfMolly
Have you ever seen a more guilty looking Puppy ? AdventuresOfMolly
Molly has been causing so much mischief we had to call DrJonesWales RhysToTheRescue AdventuresOfMolly
These two found silent witness riveting last night. AdventuresOfMolly
Just chewing my bone. AdventuresOfMolly
Too much football & too many steps. AdventuresOfMolly Frenchbulldog
Not sure about this whole Sun thing. AdventuresOfMolly
AdventuresOfMolly Kenfig circling the driftwood reindeer.
Probably the best photo today. AdventuresOfMolly
Lunch at Binks BikerCafe , turned into a proper BulldogBash . And guess who is in the thick of it? AdventuresOfMolly
Christmas its for the puppies. AdventuresOfMolly