I don't feel safe here anymore and decide to leave. Qxstory Sony
I arrive at home and notice Murphy has had a busy day so far. Looks like someone followed me home this morning and has been looking for that cylinder. I kept it in my pocket all the time. Qxstory Sony
I can't get rid of the feeling someone is watching every move I take. Qxstory Sony
Johnnie Walker asks me to walk with him. Clearing my mind in the cold night sounds like a good plan. Qxstory Sony
This is getting too much for me. I need a drink to calm my nerves and to think. Qxstory Sony
This situation stinks. There's something fishy about that cylinder. I want to spit this out to the bone. Qxstory Sony
I grab the cylinder, run home and drive to work. I'll investigate that black piece of mystery when I get back home. Qxstory Sony
As usual my good friend Murphy is keeping me company when I'm eager to go home. Great. Qxstory Sony
Een hoop bekend en straf volk bij de Qxstory -selectie (ze passen niet allemaal op de screenshot). Ik zal uit mijn pijp moeten komen.