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'Smiling keeps all your worries away' More like Derpish smile hahahah lol ?? Hiiyaahhh~~ me face ish back here!!! (✳¯︶¯✳) (っ´▽`)っ ♥ I missed all of you in fact~~ ❤❤?? Nice Evening fellas~ ImBack Again Nagisa Smile nagichan nagichiin nagisachan blue pink
Because I said I was bored before right?? And this will still be the same--- ??? Anyways, lez make a stupid fez--- and a gayish one too (ฅ・ิω・ิฅ)(ฅ・ิω・ิฅ) Anyways~ Hiiyahh~ Nagi here~ ❤❤❤ Nagichiin NAGI Nagisa Twintails checkered pink braces weird weirdo otaku OppaBellDendi
I hope that all of you are fine nee??? I shall be off to school~ <3 Hihihi another one of my gay trials~ as a normal school girl~ Hope you like it all~ ^_^ NAGI Nagisa Nagichiin Nagisashuichiroh schoolgirl costrial cosplay crossdress crossplay fuku fudge bored nagishere
I'm back!!!!! It has been awhile since I have been this lair... Have been busy lately =___= But anyways, what did I miss??? Nagi's here~ ♥♥♥ ImBack Awesom3 Nagithebutt Nagisa nagisashuichiroh nagichiin nagichan jawn hedgehog tired tiredbutstillwaiting