If u love rap then u av to love B.O.B Music Factsonly Undergroundluxury Bob coastline
Like the waters in the open sea When tribulation come over you say yes.....hopefully....And yesterday you could probably say there's no hope for me, But today I'm overly dedicated. I'm posed to be testimony for broken hearts in the city so You're either crash landing or planning on flyin' with me Word Misery love standing behind his company, Well, vividly I could see that your feelings would like to dwell On our past encounters, reaching over the counter Told me that it's appealing to pop a pill less or down now I heard emotions burn deep I heard when you fall out of love, the drop is steep I heard when you see a dove that's what you try to be, Got these burdens under my wings but I'm still free Cause I can make the decision to let it all go away, Before I ever run astray, I looked you in the eye and say, Let us move on, For this is short and it will pass Factsonly Newrules
What doesn't kill me.... Factsonly
No matter what m gon stay positive....tis gon b a blessed week for me Factsonly Optimistic Doubletap
Don't do this often, bit had to repost from @lightshow10thpl I never wanted a "bad bitch". I've always only wanted someone uplifting for me to uphold. Factsonly
Coming back home with a vengeance Factsonly
Seeing that its my 25th birthday today, thought I share with you guys my '20 facts' plus an additional 5 to make the 25. I'd like to think 25 is a big deal. Halfway from 50 years after all. Hope you enjoy: 1. Family is everything to me. Hope to father 5 kids one day. 2. Music has become one of my career ventures. I'm 1/2 of the production duo DistantBeats alongside @envytheloop. 3. I'm hooked on spicy food. My food needs to be hot. Hide your Tabasco. Seafood, pasta & vegetables make me happy. 4. I love gadgets. 5. @jimmy_mphuthi is my official barber. The man knows his work very well. 6. I'm an avid sports fan. Whether its NBA or European soccer. Don't disturb me when Chelsea is playing. 7. I love reading & as techno-savvy as I may be I'm against ebooks. 8. Europe. I wish to stay there somewhere. The thing is, I love cold weather. 9. I'm a prototype man. I need to perform DIY before I can ask for help. 10. I'm yet to travel the world but I can comfortably say Cape Town is the best city ever. Can't get enough of it. 11. Used to be somewhat shy while growing up. 12. I'm the most swagger-less person ever. Clothes are so unnecessary. Wish Eve never bit that apple. 13. I'm not a heavy drinker but when I do indulge, it's beer. Most specifically @castlemilkstout . Lovely stuff that. 14. Nature is God's way of letting us know about his presence. I love earthly things. Solitude at the ocean, looking at the night sky means more than anything material. 15. Prior to fact 14, I wish to become a sailor and spend life at sea. Or be a pilot. 16. House music is the realest genre ever. Best genre for me. 17. I make friends easily. I love meeting new people. I've become weary of this though. Not everyone wants to be your friend. 18. Overall, I'm a good guy. 19. I talk to myself a lot. 20. I'm obsessed with taking photos. Not selfie type of photography. The type that involves Canon cameras and outdoors. 21. I don't know why I was crying on that picture. 22. Beautiful girls make me shy. 23. Braais are the best. I love how it brings everyone together. 24. I love women with beautiful feet. 25. I'm addicted to cookies. HappyBirthday Factsonly