My decorative wall has become a retaining wall from all this rain. Using my Navy building skills is keeping water off my front porch. Navy Seabees Rain
Afghanistan 09-10 Usnavy Seabees
Don't forget to hug a Vet. NavyVet Seabees Retired
Seabeeshit Seabees Battalions
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Gulfport Mississippi (: Mississippi  Gulfport Seabees USA
Afghanistan 09-10 Usnavy Seabees Veteran
Usnavy Veteran Seabeeshit Seabees
My last re-enlistment Apr 09 Usnavy Seabees
Seabees Seabee History Memorial Washington, D. C. USA This Week On Eyeem Cannon Powershot SX420 IS BestofEyeEm Best Of EyeEm No People Monument Memorial Day Remember The Fallen
Gulfport Mississippi (: Gulfport Mississippi  Seabees USA
Usnavy Seabees
Glad to have served and be a Bee for 20yrs. Hoorahhhh! Usnavy Seabees Nmcbpickanumber .
Seabeeshit Seabees
Hoorah!!!! Seabees Seabeeshit Battalions Usnavy
My two power decals on my truck. NY  Penn State Seabees
There it is! Usnavy Seabees
USMC Granddaddy Seabees Ww2 Daddy Recon Delta Company Vietnam I appreciate and support all the Armed Forces but USMC will always hold a special place in my heart.
My new plate. 20yrs in the making. Usnavy Seabees Retired! Hoorahh!
Usnavy Seabees Nmcbpickanumber Retvet
Been there, Done that! Lol I am my Brothers keeper. Usnavy Seabees
Thank a Vet if you see one. Thanks! Usnavy Retvet Seabees
You know it! Usnavy Seabees
Seabees making way for a new Air Strip for the C17s
Usnavy Seabees
Seabees Club Gulfport Mississippi (: Gulfport Mississippi  USA
Seabeeshit Seabees Battalions Navy
Usnavy . Seabees hoorah! @thefearlessbee
Seabees Hoorah!!!! Seabeeshit Seabees Battalions Usnavy
I used to do that when I was in the Navy. .lol still didn't make sense. .lol Usnavy Seabees
Usnavy Seabees
Lol Usnavy Seabees Nmcbpickanumber
Lol so true! Usnavy Seabees
1992-2012. Usnavy Seabees NavyVet Ret.
Usnavy Seabees Nmcbpickanumber hoorahh!