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OnetouchLive is back on the road to settle some unfinished business with Lake Ol Bolosat. For the first time ever, we invite you to be part of our adventure. On Sunday 26.01.2014, we shall set off on a photographic adventure to the beautiful lake and come back on Monday 27.01.2014. If you want to join us, it shall cost you kes8,000 only. The cost includes transportation, camping and all meals on the trip. if you are interested, please reserve your spot by calling 0787 933211 asap. OnetouchLive ShootingKenya
OnetouchLive would like to invite you to our first road trip of the year. We are going to explore Lake Ol Bolossat, and photograph any interesting spots along the way. If you have wanderlust or have just been jealous of our road trips and wanted to join. Or just want to hang out with other photographers and learn from each other, then come and be part of this adventure. 26 to 27th.01.2014 Sunday/Monday. If you are interested, call 0787 933211 to reserve your spot. kes8,000 pays for everything. Food. Transport. Tents. (You carry your own sleeping bag) OnetouchLive ShootingKenya | 0787 933211