Kotzebue, AK

At work. Dental Assisting At Work Slow Day People
Cold Alaskan morning and no make up.
you can call me Queen B. Party Hard QueenB
The calm before the storm. No Filter Storm Clouds Gorgeous Warm Day
Sleepy boy. One eye open,(: ♡♡ Dog Dog Life Sleepy My Man
Swimming in the ocean, Alaskan style. Alaskangirls Mygirls My Bestfriend Beach
He makes my day so much better.♡ My Dog Love Him Best Of The Best Dogs
Strange Eyes Flowers Art
Four wheeler rides. Beach Beautiful No Filter Clouds
You don't need fancy tools for art.♥ Art Drawing My Passion Crayons
The Beach.♥ Being A Beach Bum
My man. Dog Love Dog My Man Snuggles
Alaskan sunrise. No Filter Beautiful Beach
Protecting his girls. ♥ Nieces Protector Dog Dog Love
Ain't no rest for the wicked. Art
Not sad but not happy either. That's Me People Red Hair Feeling Lonely
Music heals. Self Portrait Listening To Music Stay Strong That's Me
Let me tell you about a girl I know who likes hip hop and rock n' roll. That's Me People Music Pink
insomniac. My Tattoo Carpe Diem Refuse To Sink
All dolled up for a Friday night. Friday Night Self Portrait Party Time
Saturday Nights. Makeup Hazel (: Eyes Smile
Self Portrait Hi! Hello World Smile Your Beautiful
I'm convinced that different people awaken different beasts inside you. That's Me People Beasts Saturdaynight
My niece. Niece  Model Gorgeous On The Beach
My girl.(: Cousins  Sisters My Boo The Best ❤
Sleepy. Bedtime Late Tired Af
Amazing weekend. Smirnoff Ice On The Beach Sunset Saturdaynight
Will you be my corona and lime? And I will be your main squeeze. Corona Beach The Best Party
13 inches of hair donated to Locks of Love. Smile Your Beautiful Stay Strong That's Me No Filter
Pills n' Potions. Make-up Septum Hazel Eyes  Monroe Piercing
tuesday mornings are hard..
A ride down the Beach . Cruising Glasses Self Portrait
Friday Night.♥ Friday Night Hazel Eyes  Busted Lip Model
Selfie Sunday. Selfie People Duck Face That's Me
Hold on, let me take a selfie first. Selfie That's Me People Smile
I'm a little drunk on you and high on summer time. Tattoo Piercing Summertime Model
You'll never be more lovely than you are now. Model Hazel Eyes  Smile Your Beautiful That's Me
Can't get enough. My puppy-boy.♥ Dog Dog Love My Old Dog Ten Years
It was a good night. Beach Life Party Fun
Beautiful mess. Model That's Me Bangs Alaska
Tired eyes. Duck Face Sleepy Tired Eyes  Messy Hair Dont Care
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