Last week and I DID IT! It is last chapter in life high school. It is time new chapter in life college. Graduated Classof2015 Anewchapter DefinitelyWorthIt Happiness Taking Photos Hello World Enjoying Life Hi! Cheese!
After waiting for 9 years going through financial constraints, key players leaving, building a new stadium, disapointments in the Champions League Final and the League Cup Final and major upsets in the league and having to settle for 4th spot and not to mention the countless amounts of jokes put on us we have finally lifted a trophy to put an end to this and start a new chapter on this historical day but to me today is all about Arsene Wenger and Arsenal this is a day i will never forget Champions Coyg Anewchapter
Being told I cant do something as a young adult is one of the hardest things for me to except. I do everything I can do or die trying when it comes to the things I love. Yes, Im hurt. Yes, I cried. Reality is that life goes on and you learn from the obstacles that life throws at you and get in the ready position to dodge the next one... Adulthood Dojo Musicwillalwaysbeapartofme Anewchapter hardtomoveon hurtingbutillbeokay