"It's your duty to remind us there is still hope after the 3 minutes and 36 seconds are up." -Powerful words by @ActuaLlorie Musicians Peptalk Bestfriends Thiswoman damn
Teamwork makes the dream work. Basketball Champions Peptalk Kids Sports Photography Sports LGG4ography
Peptalk KidPresident Journey Dreams
The whale sticker of happiness. Sillythingswedoatwork Peptalk Stillwearingafter12hours
The loudest my voice can be right now is equivalent to a whisper 😕 I'm dreading public speaking tomorrow 😫 Sorethroat Halls Peptalk CantTalk dreadingclasstomorrow needaremedy oc caligirl sick thissucks coldoutside simplybeingalice collegelife
October ink. I love ink. Made this one in october. A peptalk when me & daughter need it❤. Peptalk Tattoo I Love Ink Special Needs Special Needs Child Adhd Autism
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