So I did my research on this. Apparently, it started as a form of art (shoefiti) and a symbolism of something ending. Where I live, serves to determine territories within gangs of old neighborhoods and drug selling points, according to a couple of cops who interrogated me about why I was taking pictures of hanging shoes. Drugs Cartels Hanging Shoes Art Urban Urbanphotography Urban Landscape Symbols Electricity  Territory Gang Cholo Joint Narco Tribes Vibes
Sky Day No People Blue City Architecture Art Travel Photography Portugal Travel EyeEm Best Shots Dayoff Signal Cartels Go Straight Simmetry Contrast Lightblue Outdoors Freshness Cold Temperature Colour Sunny New Talent Space Adapted To The City Lieblingsteil
29m Cartels Protesters
EL MAS CHINGIN DE LOS CARTELS...... Elchapo Cartels Mexico Sinaloa
29m Cartels
Somos reyes con la suerte del 13. Urban Art Cartels Llocsbonics