An old pic but who cares , Day 2 Selfiesunday Gohawks WeReady ButImReadyToEat iStayReadyToEat lol Told ya'll this is OURYEAR ? ?
Me and the boys last night @ihoop504 @rarexdope @jayyim2cool @_likexmike @justcallme_babypac @dollarxdream @trillhill07 WeReady
Houston we ready ✊✊ WeReady
Earlier today @ channing park with the gals Wecutewecute PENIELISQUAD WeReady
we bringing in the independence :-) ... Belize mi love !!!! @ner_c and chichi Belizepride Startup WeReady Spanishinvation freshersfete
Is it 3:30 yet ? ? WeReady
WeReady !!! Gohawks Gameday Letsgooo @deycallmestelly