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I took this picture at 6:17 am December 28 while I was checking the temperature on a field thermometer that we had on a zucchini squash field at this moment I have not been able to identify the objects that are flying or leaving those lines in the sky, maybe somebody can help me on this one!! UFO UFO Sightings Ufocapture UFOSpacecraft UFO Club UFO Catcher Ufomexico
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Unidentified Flying Object, (U.F.O.) and Superbloodmoon Eclipse of 2015. Supermoon Eclipse2015 Eclipse Lunar 2015 Ufocapture Ufo Southern California
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Ufo? Or ? Uf you see the "light" to the left of the moon looks more like an exhaust pipe of some kind but maybe you guys can help me UFO Ufo UFO Sightings Ufocapture Ufo'
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