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Feeling blessed and happy ...😊 meeting steve sir 3rd time RaghuRai Stevemccurry Magnumphotos
RaghuRai Art
Feeling blessed...😊 Stevemccurry RaghuRai Magnumphotos India
Padmashree RaghuRai LeisureTime Gardner gardening raghuraicenterforphotographyRRCFPartistmagnumphotos lensmanmasterphotographerlovefornaturenaturelovernature
Happy Birthday Raghu sir ? RaghuRai India Magnumphotos
With RaghuRai sir Magnumphotos at my first Exhibition Photoexhibition
Happy birthday Raghu sir ? RaghuRai Magnumphotos India _soi
Magnum Photographer Raghu Rai speaks at the launch of "Creative Image Magazine" RaghuRai Delhiphotofestival Magnumphotos Dpf
RaghuRai Nitinrai Delhiphotofestival Gionee dpf
With blessings of Padmashree RaghuRaisir at Raghu Rai center for Photography I complete my 1 Year Diploma Magnumphotos Photographer
Raghu Rai ,Prashant Panjiar and swapan parekh RaghuRai Delhiphotofestival Magnumphotos Dpf
Photography RaghuRai
RaghuRai Gioneeindia Gionee Delhiphotofestival treesdpf
RaghuRai (mentor,RRCFP)Nitinrai (director,RRCFP)Rohitgautam (senior faculty,RRCFP) RRCFP raghuraicenterforphotography trees welcoming One Year Diploma in Creative Photography students batch 2015-2016 Photo Credit : @ishanagarwal1
Veteran journalist Kuldip Nayar speaks during the launch of "Creative Image Magazine" while Raghu Rai listens to him during Delhi Photo Festival . RaghuRai Delhiphotofestival Magnumphotos Dpf
William Dalrymple who photographed First issue Magazine cover of "CREATIVE IMAGE Magazine"RaghuRai Delhiphotofestival Magnumphotos Williamdalrymple dpf
Shivam Raghavendra Swamy Dilapidated Nehal RaghuRai Ragdoll Railing Architecture Architectural Column Columns California Nature Nature_collection Nature Plant Flower Leaf Beauty In Nature Yellow Growth Green Color Day Outdoors Close-up No People Fragility Freshness Sunlight Blooming Petal
I was invited for Stevemccurry book launch Stevemccurry's India RaghuRai Magnumphotos
Raghu Rai's first editor veteran journalist Kuldip Nayar (L) and last editor Aroon Purie (R) at the launch of Raghu Rai's magazine "Creative Image Magazine" RaghuRai Delhiphotofestival Magnumphotos Dpf
Selfie ✌ Peace RaghuRai
Artist Jatin Das who is a dear friend of Raghu Rai congratulates him at his Magazine launch "CREATIVE IMAGE MAGAZINE" RaghuRai Delhiphotofestival Jatindas Magnumphotos dpf
RaghuRai Delhiphotofestival Dpf
Raghu Rai and Prashant Panjiar RaghuRai Delhiphotofestival Magnumphotos Dpf
I was invited Stevemccurry book launch stevemccurry's India RaghuRai Magnumphotos Phaidon
RaghuRai Delhiphotofestival Dpf
Inspirational Booksale find | RaghuRai on MotherTeresa | Coffeetablebook | magnumphotos book india photography
RaghuRai India Photographer Magnumphotos
Raghu Rai with his son Nitin Rai At the launch of "Creative Image Magazine" RaghuRai Delhiphotofestival Magnumphotos Dpf
Happiness RaghuRai sir Photoexhibition Raghuraicenterforphotography beautifulbeautifulmemoriesmomentsphotoarteminentartistartist