Cute action little boy...Fitrah Daulay...
Sibling action....Gifi Daulay Fitrah Daulay...
Zakat Fitrah Johor Alhamdulillah
Zakat Fitrah Johor Alhamdulillah @matun84
Another great video :") *Do watch it and feed our brain, InsyaAllah.... *Dont judge, who are you to says that people are hypocrite with their good deeds?!" by my lovely sister, @nurnadiasyamila *Hypocite is not about changing from bad to good like be back to our fitrah, Islam...Gypocite means that we pretending doing or being the attitude that we dont own....but be back to pur fitrah (Islam) is a big differ from hypocrite...fitrah is something we own since we were its a quddos if we are able to be back in our fitrah..Islam.. InsyaAllah... Addin Fitrah Islam