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I don't know what's this I just found this thing in our backyard while practicing flairbartending and took a photo of it bec it's cute 😁 Nothingtodo EyeEm Nature Lover Eyeem Philippines EyeEm Best Shots DoYouKnow
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I completely forgot what these are called.. Does anyone know? 5000 cool points for whoever knows! DoYouKnow Cute Animal Herbivore or maybe.. omnivore
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DoYouKnow that Japanese used to mend the broken objects, they aggradize the damage by filling the cracks with GOLD ?! Aha ! They do believe that something that do suffered damage and has a history of damage becoming more beautiful in future... Maka.... Kita pun begitu.... Sepatutnya We did face the turmendous pain, difficulties and perhaps heart broken that we do think its something like going to be our last day of life and this is all my life about, my life will end here, bla..bla..bla... all the words which full of despair and hopless... And SO SUDDEN we are still alive today ! Able facing those that we think we cant ! MasyaAllah... Indeed Allah dont leave burden to whom that cant handle it... * Everyone do have scars and even having our own heart broken version but why dont we seek Allah and ask HIM to mend our broken heart? Allah S.W.T can mend HIS slaves' heart but we have to give HIM all the pieces. We must give HIM sole conviction to turn ourselves in good shape ! Do believe that the scar we owned, the suffer, the pain, the bleak history will turn us into beautiful, bold hearted and even better muslims, InsyaAllah... * Kalauakukaya pinggan retak kucantum guna emas wooo haha *kidding* NurSyiffaRosman @LightOfCure 1532 051113 *This picture is taken from Sister Yasmin Mogahed's FB... Addin muslims almightybless