Alhamdulillah we met again after almost one and half year.. Praise Allah for this friendship... @nurnadiasyamila she helped me a lot during high school with those science subjects when i felt tired of trying she keep giving me those inspiring advices... She is an iron girl.. @aisyahshakirah she is superb friend, its just words can define...she is strong girl...When those people were like happy with their achivement and like forgetting the not so lucky one like me, Aisyah stay beside me with her advices and her determination killmy upset... May Allah bless them and bless this ukhwah... Teenace Maresmart Friendstilljannah Almightybless mrsmTaiping
HB to one of my dearest besties, MURSYI !!!! May Allah bless and ease everything, I pray that you will always smile in your life, no tears upon your cheek, if there is any tears, I pray that Allah grant you the courage and other happiness that could wash away the tears.... Always love you <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 *Sorry mursyi, antara sume gambar ni yg senonoh sket time kat Maresmart dulu ;)
Ehem.. This is a belated post, belated for a day.... Happy Birthday Cikgu Wan ! She is one of my all time favourite teacher, she is a teacher whom not just teach but she do educate her students... Once during my time in MrsmTaiping I felt lost, I look and seek upon the light, the courage and the spirit to get me fit with all test given by Almighty Allah to me and during my time there Allah grant me those lovely and inspiring people to surround me, the teachers, the friends,the ethics of Maresmart which make me stay strong to face everything....Cikgu Wan is one of them.. Thank you Cikgu Wan for all your guidance and encouragement.. May Allah grant you HIS Jannah and may many happy returns in Dunya and Akhirah ^^ and I shall say for any child or student who has you as their teacher surely their life is truly blessed... why ? because you are not just an A+ Physic teacher but you are an A+ gurdian ^^ and I keep on hold on to all your advices till now... *Sorry for the late wishes* Teacher Birthday throwbackpicture alltimefav MrsmTaiping Ansara