been off for long time because i'm wandering... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and here i was... at my college building -_- Enrollment Collegedays
Kapoy maghulat tawagun lng imong ngalan ✘✘ @Cass Enrollment Yopak
Enrollment OJTfeels Teacherjeff
Masilungan. BulSUMC Bulsu BulSUans Enrollment Rainy Payong
Konting oras pa lang nababawi , tulog ulit -.- Hell Enrollment 15hours Nosleep
Its that time Finally Enrollment Fall Aug 2013classof2013
Blue Close-up Communication Day Enrollment Guidance No People Outdoors School Schoolstart Schulanfang Text
Dreadful day. Enrollment -_- Stun Lights Nganga chandeliersstunsme
Pila pa more! Cashier  Enrollment Audition
Only in LPUmanila xD sheeets walang tulog HAHAHA Enrollment Cloca 3rdyear Hellthis sheeet
Off to LPUmanila , see college friends ;) Enrollment Patayan Hassle
Kyoto Univ Enrollment
School Enrollment Firstday
Tang ina lang. Sobrang busy sa school. -.- Asian  Sogay Collegelife Enrollment
They are so busy. And so am I. Enrollment
Pumapatak na naman ang ulan. BulSUans BulSUMC Bulsu Enrollment Secondsem BuhayEstudyante
Almost 3 hours na kaming nakapila para sa EAF na yan. Gutom na ako :( Enrollment
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