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Had a delicious Jjamppong last night at a korean fast food joint. Korean-chinese Food Spicy Noodle Soup Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup Chinese Immigrants Korean Food Culture Korean Culture Food FoodphotographySingapore At the background, Jajangmyeon also a korean-chinese dish of noodles topped with a Thick Sauce of Black Soybean Paste Diced Pork. The dish originated from the word Zhajiangmian 炸江面 from Shandong China . Zhajiangmian means Fried Sauce Noodles and can be traced as far back as the Joseon Dynasty. When Joseon opened the Incheon Port , the chinese from shandong moved to a town in Incheon (now known as Incheon China Town ). They opened Chinese Restaurants and adapted the traditional zhajiangmian such that the koreans would enjoy it too. Jajangmyeon was then a dish enjoyed by the working class. After the korean war, korean Chunjang was invented. With korean chunjang, caramel was added and hajangmyeon became a completely different food from zhajiangmian.
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제주도 갈비짬뽕... 제주에 갈 때 가끔 들르는 곳인데 맛이 정말 기가 막히다... 입에서 녹은 갈비... 쫄깃한 면발... 고기육수와 해물육수의 조화로움... 뭐하나 빠지는게 없다. Foodporn JEJU ISLAND  Jjamppong
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