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Is it socially acceptable to fall in love with someone you've only dreamt about? Well okay, I'm not daydreaming about this person and writing poems professing my love to this unknown dude....I know this sounds crazy but just listen! Dude, I've had this reoccurring boyfriend in my dreams for the past like 3 years. This could mean something! 1) it could mean nothing and i should get a life. 2) my mind is manifesting to me just how pathetically lonely I am so ive made up my own bf or 3) im having precognitive dreams (my mom and I have that sometimes) When I'm dreaming: I'm all self conscious around him and nervous but then he's all like, "Hey, its cool. I like you." And then I'm like, "but I'm a dork, a loser and I'm ugly." And then he's like, "no, you're absolutely beautiful, you're perfect..." (why can't guys say this to me in real life?) He's so cool, chill and mysterious. He has dark hair, has a lean build. Totes my goats my type...I feel like he would be from Washington, more specifically Seattle. I hope you're real!! Ineedtofindyou Love Me Premonition Future Bae  Seattle Immovingthere Soulmate Ikeepdreamingofyou Psychic Nexttimeidreamofhimillaskallhisinfo Dontwakemeup
Hard work lining all your cars up. Little Billy fast asleep! Shhh Dontwakemeup
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Plz don't wake me up,let me take a nap for a while under the sunshine. One Animal Animal Themes Dog Animal Head  Nap Dontwakemeup
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This one is simply amazing ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Chrisbrown Fortune Dontwakemeup Tagsforlikes cb breezy chris rap rapper rnb TFLers teambreezy cute hot instagood music tattoo photooftheday singer dancer awesome guy chrisbreezy
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