Before you do the 'habhab' thingy, you must savor the asian noodle "pancit lucban" with local vinegar Pancithabhab Throw Lucban Quezon localcuisine themanansala photography itsmorefuninthePhilippines travelersdiary travelasia anthonybourdainway hashtag igersmanila igers foodgasm foodporn instapic instagraphy
Eat the asian noodle 'pancit lucban' directly on your mouth without using any fork, hence 'habhab.' Pancithabhab Throw Lucban Quezon itsmorefuninthePhilippines themanansala photography foodporn foodgasm anthonybourdainway travelersdiary travelasia
Everyone's excited to do the 'habhab' thing Pancithabhab Lucban Quezon Throw itsmorefuninthePhilippines pinoyfood localcuisine foodgasm foodporn travelersdiary travelasia themanansala photography anthonybourdainway hashtag igersmanila igers instapic instagraphy
Pancit Lucban 🍴 . . . Foodporn Foodgasm Pancithabhab Lucban quezon foodshot thefatkidinside themanansala
Dinner with friends... TeamMajayjay Cold Lambanog Aso Pancithabhab
Lucban, Quezon's pancit habhab served in Buddy's Foodgasm Foodporn Pancithabhab Itsmorefuninthephilippines
This is the how to cook authentic Lucban Asian Noodle "pancit habhab" || Travelling like Anthony Bourdain Lucban Quezon Pancithabhab Localcuisine authentic themanansala photography travelersdiary anthonybourdainway itsmorefuninthePhilippines hashtag foodgasm foodporn instagraphy travelasia
Pancithabhab Filipinofood Lumpiangsariwa Sizzlingplate Sizzlingporksisig  Appetizer Gourmet Serving Dish Stuffed Healthy Lifestyle Plate Cooked