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Morgens, kurz vor halb zehn in der Uni 😆 Fhkoeln Claudiusstraße Fachhochschule  Cologneuniversityofappliedscience Entree Kronleuchter Koelnamrhein Earlybird Derfruehevogelkannmichmal Instadaily Alt Schoen Deutschland Germany Study Studentenleben  Instastudy
Studying is like: 🙈🙉🙊 1: Ahh, that makes sense. 2: Does it? 3: I do not care. Studyinghard Tobeornottobe StudyLife Instastudy Businessasusual Instadaily Boring Cannotbeconcentrate Whatswrongwithyou Läuftbeimir BaldistWeihnachten Internationalstudents
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"Todo mundo espera alguma coisa dum sábado a noite"(8' Meu sábado me reserva o Pré-Cálculo! 🎓 Calculo Funções Sabadaoemcasa Instastudy Coleçãoschaum Math
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Doing chemistry with green tea latte in my new tumbler with your faces @tamsiksik @sarahohmygod @wency_lu @wongt0n @natali33ee @raychieeeeee already missing these people <3 HSC Greentealatte Memories Instastudy drink school play
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Mañana toca inglés. Studytime Instastudy Studying Goodnight
This is how my calculator tries to tell me I need to change to another one. Mathematics HSC Instastudy Fluid correction omg
Comfort food after weeks of seeing HSC past papers :( HSC Instamaths Instastudy ICAN myloveformaths chocolate cadbury
Knowledge that hsc biology has given me: Histamine is a chemical that increase blood flow to skin. SO I am taking antihistamine .... MM LIGHTBULB MOMENT HSC Instastudy Biology Survival lifeskills medicine phernergan histamine rash drowsy
Estudando... Instadaily Instabook Instastudy Museum Museographic Museologia Museu Iphonesia Instaart Instaphoto Instagood Library
D-20 hahaha doin as much physics as i can ! alone at the library after @lana1205 went back :( Library HSC Physics Instastudy notes instaphysics notfun time tired mac workinghard
Getting the protein I need from chicken fairy snacks before tomorrow's exam :( fighting! @tamsiksik HSC Mathematics Instastudy Instafood foodporn 4unit 2unit tryinghard
Finally settled Manhattan Project with @tamsiksik YES . NOW TEST THIS AND NOT CYCLOTRONS HAHAHA HSC Physics Instastudy Instaphysics GETTINGTHERE OPTION
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My friends @lana1205 and @tamsiksik when they are deep in thought while doing 4U. Whereas @wongt0n here laughing as she struggles with our 2U paper :( HSC Instastudy Instafood Mathematics tryinghard classof2012
@lana1205 's MacBook Air so small and thin. Hahaha but its pretty! Technology Study Instastudy Apple hsc stressed mac macbookair mathematics
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