Miserable, but nowhere we'd rather be. Afghanistan Operationenduringfreedom USMC Oef Military Combat Vet
First stack, after first deployment. Missing a couple but majority there. Afghanistan Service Oef USMC Military Combat Vet Operationenduringfreedom UnitedWeStand Murica' Brothersinarms Getsome Cuzwe'llputabootinyourass
One Man Only Working Only Men Men Adults Only Adult Indoors  One Person People Technician Operationenduringfreedom Machinery Close Up
USASOC Specialforces SfGroup Airborne Afghanistan Veteran Oef Operationenduringfreedom USA Flag
Doing work. Oef Operationenduringfreedom Afghanistan USMC
Kandahar Operationenduringfreedom 2011-2012 Afghanistan Mountains Blackandwhite Photography
Some of the boys rockin in Afghanistan. Combat Vet Military Oef USMC Operationenduringfreedom Afghanistan
Afghanistan USMC Military Operationenduringfreedom
Afghanistan 2011-2012 Operationenduringfreedom Market Kandahar
RePicture Challenge Check This Out Operationenduringfreedom Afghanistan
Poppy field. Sangin Valley, Afghanistan circa 2011 Afghanistan Operationenduringfreedom USMC Military Oef Combat Vet
Things Organized Neatly Afghanistan Operationenduringfreedom Wanderlust
Afghanistan Sunrise Sunrise_sunsets_aroundworld 2011-2012 Operationenduringfreedom Mountains Kandahar
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