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Cousen Crazy Crazylady dila sultan la sabah delirmeleri
For the most important woman in my life. MΓ‘ Mum Crazylady HappyBirthday
PHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEBEHHHHHHH! Happy blessed birthday!! It's been such a blessing to get to know you and hear about all your crazy stories and jokes! To be honest I was actually wondering who you we're but I agreed to send you back cause I thought no harm right? Who knew you would be this super fun and crazy tahap dewa person. It was super fun working, suppering and driving with you especially when you tell me all your jokes and interesting stories :D Hopefully we'll meet again in kuching and bermakan-makan again :D oh and kalau kahwin mesti jemput k ;) cheers and God Bless!! Crazylady
Hahaha Selfie from earlier today Crazylady
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