Oooh! Got to meet @whisperzofwiz who r "talking" in session 3 of TEDxCT at Baxtertheatre
His people productshizzle presents... at Baxtertheatre .. GoodFriday  Easter
Baxtertheatre TEDxCT Amazingpeople
Book signing table at TEDxCT Baxtertheatre today. @ivovegter @JillianReilly and mo
Omw !! Took a pic with author @lovethekitchen Karen Dudley wit @simpleintrigue Keri Muller n didn't know she was the author of Aweekinthekitchen ! Book signing n sales table level5 Baxtertheatre TEDxCT @tedxcapetown
The beautiful Creator of @tedxcapetown Alphabetsoup M @simpleintringue :) TEDxCT at Baxtertheatre