- my favourite girl :) @bahirah_phar HAHAAHA sis ada took photo of that lee hyori pics xD xD didnt know!! ♥♥♥ my dongsaeng so pretty ♥ 6th july Favouritegirlfriend ;)
Time flies whenever I'm with her. ? Favouritegirlfriend Tgif
- one of my favourite gifts from adie :) ♥♥♥ adie's is a white cat, cause she so freaking white! Im black cause im black ¦))) thanks! ♥ Cats Favouritegirlfriend Birthdaygifts Accessories neverfought 6thjuly newtons kucing 8years! !!!! Time sure flies, hahaha lets stay together longer than snsd :) byuntae hyoraengi hyotae taeny hyosic snsd ;)))