/what did you do, wonder where your heart came from what have you done, my only friend keep on/ ☁? Londongrammar Sights Ifyouwait Romanticizeyourself facetag selfienation vsco vscogrid vscoedit vscogram vscogang vscocommons vscocolor vscoclub vscolovers vscogallery vscogood vscoland vscoart vscoedit vsco_best vscocolor vscoface vscoportrait vscopeople vscomasters vscoartist vscooftheday vscomonday
This is the moment 💭 Ifyouwait Moment Quote Now Life Perfect
чудесный женский вокал. глубокий и красивый. приятная мелодичность. заслушиваю альбом от и до Londongrammar Ifyouwait Spotify WeirdMusic
Supernormal Alba Ifyouwait Youcandoit
Quiet Saturday Night in listening to one of my favorite albums of the year Ifyouwait by Londongrammar Peaceful Introvert tranquil recovery healing quiet