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I love my beautiful graduate! Cousin Shesbeautiful Happyday Ifeelold classof2014
Old ass picture. Like a year old. Wack Ifeelold
HAPPY BIRTHDAYY TO ME ^_^ Workingonmybday Ifeelold 20yrsold
WHAT A WEEKEND!!! Saturday was so jammed pack but my exhaustion STILL TODAY is definitely worth it! I had such an Amazing time reconnecting with my fellow classmates and FightingFalcons from classes ranging from '77-'16... TheAdult Event at the Rev Room was SO MUCH FUN!!! And if you didn't go, you missed such a great time! I have all of three pictures in my phone from the events... I was so caught up in reconnecting with old faces and making friends with new faces!!! Thank you so much to everyone who showed up and had a blast with me... I love my FalconFamily forevermore!!! NPHSFarewellReunion ILoveMyHighSchool NPHS NorthPulaskiHighSchool Forever ANewNameWillNeverTakeAwayOurMemories CO2003 Ifeelold ImFeelingTheWeekend Oldfriends Newfriends WeHadABlast
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And so my baby dress fits my cousin now haha. (me on top row. lexine on the bottom row) Ifeelold