"Living within a Black World and coming to know racism first-hand is rarely the path traveled by the average white American. Lynn Markovich Bryant shares her story of living within a black environment and dealing with racism.After the remarriage of her mother to a black man and moving to South Carolina during the 1960s, she comes face to face with the shocking reality of two worldsa White World and a Black World. She learns rapidly the unwritten, yet understood, rules that govern the separation of these worlds.Raised within a family of varied hues: her white siblings, black stepbrothers and stepsisters, and the new offspring in her blended family, she realizes that she still isnt welcome in the White World. Since shes living in a black community, she even chooses to attend an all-black school. The Black World becomes her entire world.Lynn Markovich Bryant shares her transformation from wishing she were black and hating whites to celebrating her uniqueness and the journey in knowing and loving the Black World, in spite of the trials that accost blacks to this day. Yet she holds fast to her greatest belief that these worlds must truly come together as one." I wanna read this book!!! ImBlackAndImProudWishedTheWhiteGirl LynnMarkovichBryant