Seeing her smile makes me smile EVERYTIME. Been a fan ever since I came out of the womb. Miss her soooooooo much can , Joseline wouldn't even be making music if Aaliyah was alive, just saying. MissUAaliyah TrueAngel MoreThanAWoman BabyGirl RIPBabyGirl RIPAaliyah WordsCantExpressHowMuchILoveAaliyah StopProductionOfAaliyahBiopic?????????
LMBO!!! Poor Joseline
Ctfu Dead Joseline
?????? LMBO!!! StevieJ Joseline JoselineHernandez LoveAndHipHopAtlanta LAHHA
Forget "YOLO", Joseline told Steebie (lol) "Hakuna Matata" LLS